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I really appreciate the time that was taken to ensure that I am healthy.
I did not feel like I needed to go to the doctor, however my wife convinced me to go. After getting my test results back there were a few areas of concern. Dr Beth suggested a few things to try and I do feel better. I just had... See More


Great clinic and the staff is very friendly and helpful. ... See More


Love this team! Truly put the Care back in HealthCARE. ... See More


Very comfortable and friendly atmosphere! I felt like family :) Beth is extremely knowledgeable and answered any question I had thoroughly and so I could understand. I will definitely visit McQuinn Naturopath again!... See More


Great team and excellent service. These guys are awesome!... See More


This is first visit, everything good so far.... See More


Overall am impressed by McQuinn Naturopathic. The staff and doctors are friendly and many of them very knowledgeable in their fields and specialties. I am pleased with what I have learned about naturopathic medicine and healing of the body versus past experiences with conventional western medicine... See More


Love the care I recieve at McQuinn Naturopathic! Friendly staff, knowledgeable and helpful Doctors and MAs. Great ideas for helping me stay healthy and energized so I can be productive, happy and in shape. I would recommend anyone who wants quality care from a whole person standpoint to check out... See More


I've worked with Beth McQuimm for years and she has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable with my health treatment. From general medicine to weight loss, I seen her work wonders on my family and others!... See More


Jason McQuinn runs a fantastic office. I've only got to see Dr mayo. But what a very talented healer. My appointment lasted an hour and a half and she was very thorough with my background information. I highly recommend McQuinn natural pathic for any kind of food allergies or pain that you may ha... See More

Absolutely love Dr. Mcquinn and all the staff- they are always so helpful and caring.

Jamie Sportsman gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

The friendliest health facility I have ever been to!

Jesse Vieira gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review
Colleen Stevens gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

This is one stop shopping to Naturopathic Healthcare. I personally have tried many of the services. Diet, acupuncture, pain management. They are capable of solving pain management issues that many other doctors could not. If you want a full service medical center go to McQuinn Naturopathic

Laura Larson-Greiert gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Great staff! Dr. Mcquinn really cares about her patients and goes above and beyond to help them achieve their goals. I feel so comfortable and at home and have gotten answers I've been looking for. So grateful to have found this place.

Crystal Hartsock gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Had a few appointments now and we love Dr. Blow. She's great! �

Michala Connelly gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Absolutely amazing staff! Smart, caring doctors who really want to help. They don't just write a prescription and send you on your way. Nope, they educate you to be proactive with your health. I'd recommend them to EVERYONE! I hope that insurance will continue to cover more and more naturopathic doctors!

Paula Hunter gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review
Bricia Garcia gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

My secret of staying young is revealed........��

John Kinssies gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I have been going here for B-12 injections and buckshots for sometime now. I was ill and got the Meyers push, I recommend it to anyone who is not allergic to shell fish! What a huge difference! Thank you thank you thank you!

Crystal Sunshine Blanco gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review
Julia Haldane gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Dr. Beth and the team at McQuinn Naturopathic are amazing. Special call out to Caila, she is a ROCKSTAR! Great professionalism, laid back style, and exceptional in every service provided. She is a great example of the entire team at McQuinn Naturopathic!

Mark Weaver gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review
Tim Robison gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I can't say enough good about Dr. Beth! She has the best bedside manner, she has a very calming nature and she explains everything to you. She is very positive and encouraging, something that I find is rare these days. Dr. Beth really cares about people, my family just loves her. And on top of all that... She's great at her profession.

Angela Yannuzzi StGermain gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

We LOVE Dr Beth! I was already seeing a naturopath but they weren't really as thorough as Beth. She found issues I wasn't even initially going to see her for but explained why I felt the way I did! I had adrenal fatigue, crazy hormone imbalances, iron anemia, but since I've been in her care, my health has been so much better then it's been in 10 years and she has helped put me on the right path! Our whole family is starting to establish care with her now! I highly recommend McQuinn Naturopathic!

Traci Hyslip gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Excellent care from all the staff reception to healthcare providers.

Aimee Graham gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I've been to McQuinn Naturopathic several times over the years, and for several different reasons. In each case I was impressed with their care for my overall health and effectiveness at teaching me and treating me. I highly recommend them.

Jon Montgomery gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Very knowledgeable, friendly and wonderful people to be around!! I cant thank you all enough for making this an easy experience for me, and cant wait to become a better improved healthy me!!

Melanie Middleton gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I absolutely believe that McQuinn Naturopathic is the real deal. I love the staff & doctors. I've been going here for almost 3 years & would not think of going anywhere else.

Don N MeLainee McLane gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I am thankful for Mcquinn Naturopathic! This clinic has literally changed my life! I have experienced internal healing in my body, energy, and mind. I receive Buck shots weekly, that is where my journey began. Then I started doing massage therapy and acupuncture. Dawn the massage therapist is so amazing! She has a healing touch. I recommend acupuncture to any person that wants to create balance within the body!! Then cold&flu season hit, I did a session of Constitutional therapy, by day two after the therapy I was back to my normal health. I love these people and the care they give!! Highly recommend Mcquinn Naturopathic to anyone that is looking to better their well being!

Janey Wahl gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Doing the HCG diet with Dr Dowling and Dr Beth, with huge support from Nancy H !! Iam 1/2 way to my goal 4 weeks in...down 25 lbs even thru the Holidays ! Started my New Years Resolution way early....Thanks you guys for your help !! Luv the team approach...Looking forward to getn this done, trust me if I can do it... You can too !

Bob DeYoung gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

My wife and I have been going to McQuinn Naturopathic for several years now and they've really helped educate us on how to be healthier. We appreciate the holistic approach they take and I like the fact that they are very consultative with their patients. Since we started going to McQuinn, our family has gotten much healthier, striving to eat Organic, eat less dairy and really think of food as more of a fuel for our body and energy than anything else. The McQuinn Wellness clinic is a very nice, large and professional office. Their full service wellness clinic offers everything from naturopathic medicine, fitness programs, a full kitchen with cooking classes and great advice on dieting, a good selection of quality supplements and more. I recommend these guys to all of my friends and family who are open to a more natural approach to medicine, which I whole heartily believe in.

Jeff Sherman gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Great people with great service Keep up the XLent work Guys!!

David Dickhaut gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I had my first visit today and so far I believe I have found my primary care Dr. Dr Simon was very helpful and pointed out the bigger picture but as usual when I go to the Dr I was a bit nervous so I forgot to mention something that I had a question about but I will have to remember when I go back in a couple of weeks :)

Melanie Judd gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I started the HCG Diet program with this team in January 2015. Started the actual calorie control diet on the 19th. As of today, February 7th I have already lost 13 lbs. I'm amazed at how well this seems to be working for me. It almost seems too good to be true and I'm determined to stick with it! The Doctors and Staff at McQuinn are so supportive and helpful. Several of them have been on this same diet so their advice comes not only from knowledge but experience too. It means a lot to me to have that level of support. It makes me feel more confident about reaching my goal.

Suzy Wollman Langley gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

I originally gave them a one star because of a billing issue but their new billing department found out the issue and is making it correct. I appreciate a... more

Karlos D. gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

We joined the McQuinn family after our previous "holistic" pediatric provider was pushy and rude about forcing injections on our daughter who is mthfr... more

Andrea E. gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

Seriously the best group of doctors and medical providers around! I love McQuinn Naturopathic! They found my health problem and came up with an approach... more

Shell D. gave McQuinn Naturopathic a 5 star review

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