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Rich was amazing. He removed very old stains instantly when others couldn't. He is a very pleasant and professional person. I would use his services again and recommend him to others. ... See More


We were currently in the process of getting all new furniture and bc we have a dog that is still somewhat a puppy we had stains everywhere!! We found such great things about this service and we called Rich so last minute He's a true livesaver. Our carpet is absolutely spotless and very fast . We cou... See More


MCC Services did an outstanding job cleaning our carpets -- we give them the highest recommendation!
The MCC staff is professional and knowledgeable, and frankly worked wonders to clean our pet- and teenager-stained carpets. After MCC cleaned them, our carpets looked showroom-new!

We have hired... See More

They did a great job, and went above and beyond what I had asked for. I had a flood that damaged the carpet pads and stained the carpet on two floors. They came in, replaced the pad, re-stretched the carpet, and cleaned it. The house was livable again in no time. The price was reasonable, the service was professional and courteous, and they were on time!!!

Kyla Dickson gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

One word... incredible. From the initial contact to follow up discussions to the actual cleaning, it's hard to say what is more impressive: Rich's professionalism, his genuine eagerness to satisfy the customer, or the quality of his work. Thank you Rich for your hard work and for the peace of mind you gave me and my family through our move.

David-Theresa Gonzalez gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

I highly recommend Rich for carpet cleaning. Last year he got a huge tea stain out of my carpet and this year he got paint out of the carpet! Rich is a perfectionist. He is thorough. I will use him for many years to come to clean my carpets

Virginia Kibler gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

Rich cleaned the carpets in three rooms of my house this past weekend. This is the first time we have had our carpets cleaned since we moved in a year and a half ago and our carpets look like they did when we moved in. We have a small dog that has occasional accidents in the house and Rich was able to remove the stains after he thoroughly evaluated and explained the process. He was very friendly and professional and even brought my dog treats, which she loved! I will certainly use Rich's company again and recommend him to anyone I know that needs carpet cleaning services!

K A gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

best work i've ever had done. they even vacuumed before steam cleaning the carpet. not to mention the fact that all the stains were gone. love love love the work they did. worth every single penny of the affordable price

Emmanuel Poku gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

I was moving out of a large rented house and needed 5 bedroom carpets cleaned. Some of the carpets had pet stains from a diabetic cat which I had tried to remove myself, but couldn't get out completely. In two of the rooms, there had also been some water damage from previous flooding. Rich was wonderful to work with. He was very responsive to my initial inquiry and was able to set up an appointment within one week. Rich arrived on time and patiently explained the carpet cleaning process to me, room by room. The carpets look and smell great now - the stains and odor are gone! He also cleaned up the working area so well afterwards that you would never have known anyone had been there. I will definitely hire him again for the next time I need carpets cleaned.

Ingrid Gelfan Ivins gave MCC Services a 5 star review
Gabriel Wagner gave MCC Services a 5 star review

Rich did a nice job on our carpets! He took his time, explained what he was doing and why, and the carpets look great. We also had him do our couches, as we have 2 dogs who lounge on them all day. They look better than they have in years. I would recommend MCC Services to anyone.

Banks Lanman gave MCC Services a 5 star review
Oscar Borjas gave MCC Services a 5 star review
Doug Heiferman gave MCC Services a 5 star review
Michael Phelps gave MCC Services a 5 star review

He was like a magician and made Jim's carpets look like new again! I was sorry I had waited so long to find him!! I was not only impressed with the wonderful results but also with the care and excellent customer service. I give them an A+!!!

Deb Edge gave MCC Services a 5 star review

Still the best, I have used him several times since my first post,which was also 5 Stars, and again last week. Rich is the only carpet cleaner I will... more

Maureen B. gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

Excellent service and results . Rich is professional and responsive and shares his knowledge and experience to get you the best results. I was very... more

Ray F. gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review

We had used another carpet cleaning service in our home previously and it didn't even come close to being as great as MCC! Rich was so pleasant to work with... more

Beth S. gave My Carpet Cleaning Service a 5 star review
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