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20 Creek Rd
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My three children loved attending Malvern Day Camp over the years. The variety of activities appealed to three different personality types, no small feat!


My son has been going to MDC for the last 3 years and he loves it so much that on his last half day of school he would rather start camp early than spend the rest of the day at home! He looks forward to MDC every summer - loves the activities they do and meeting old and new friends!


My son has been going to Malvern School since he was six months old. When he became old enough he began attending the Malvern Day Camp for the past three years. The activities and organization of the camp are outstanding and diverse. He enjoys going each day during his summer break. I highly recomme... See More


This is our 3rd year at the Malvern camp. The kids love it and the counselors are awesome. The environment is safe, secure, and fun. We will definitely be back next summer!


Our kids say that Malvern day camp is “so fun.” Their favorite parts are going swimming, playing sports, and kayaking in the creek. The counselors are awesome. They do so much to make sure that the kids have lots of fun. There are lots of different activities and events each week. We love Malver... See More


My kids love Malvern Day Camp. The counselors are patient, fun and great with the kids. My boys look forward to coming back every summer and we know they will be in great hands.


Easy application process. They pick up door to door. My son looks out the window every morning for his van, in anticipation. He comes home exhausted and happy. So I’m happy.


Best camp ever! I wish it could be all year long! Rylan F.


We have been sending our kids here for years and they love it. I have no worries when they’re here because everyone is very professional and nice. We love The Malvern Daycamp!


My boys love the Malvern day camp. They like the variety of activities and all of the friends they have made.


Program directors and counselors are knowledgeable and friendly and very engaging. Best day camp out there!

Gayane Wawrzenczyk gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook
Robyne Cook gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook

I cannot say enough about Malvern Day Camp. From The Director, the amazing staff, to the daily activities available both my girls love their summers at MDC. Secretly I would love to go there too:) The friendships they have made over the years and the confidence they have built trying new things amaz... See More


The Malvern Day Camp is amazing for several reasons: the staff is very professional and extremely involved, the environment is safe and secure and the everyday activities are a "Kid's Dream!" The Phillie Phanatic shows up, there is a carnival, ice cream truck, water slide, pizza parties and a dance... See More


Thank you so much for our amazing summer! Our son learned so much and is looking forward to next summer! Swim lessons were great and were his favorite!


The camp keeps the kids very active throughout the day, between the stream stomps, the pool, and various field activities there is much to do. The counselors get to know all the kids and vice versa, this gives the camp a more family feel. Our kids are very excited for next summer.


We absolutely love Malvern Day Camp. This summer will mark six years. The kids love all the different activities and see the same group of friends every summer. I love the swim lessons, hours and convenience.


Our girls have attended The Malvern Day Camp for the last three years and they look forward to summer camp every year! They love their counselors and they have made several friendships which will last a lifetime! We love the Malvern Day Camp!

Leslie Christine Pinzone gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook
Cathy Simonet Hentschel gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook

My daughter loves camp! The directors and counselors are awesome!...

Laura Whitelaw Mahoney gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook
Kristina Ann gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook

Exceptionally well run! Our 10 year old chose this camp over a much larger (and significantly more expensive) local camp. We've been there for several years now and have loved every minute of it........

Mike Christman gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook

My kids have been going to this camp since they were tiny! Great camp and so well run by Tracey and Jen! Highly recommend it!...

Peggy Glenn Cooper gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star Review on Facebook

My child has gone to camp here for a couple years now. Lots of kids from GV school district and many others. Very well organized, and usually pretty flexible with adding days to the child's schedule. They offer lunches, and fun activities throughout the day.

Valerie snyder gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star review

MDC is amazing! The staff are always accommodating and friendly they really care about the children. There are so many activities and classes they can do everyday is an adventure! It’s the best summer ever!

Jenni Roman gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star review

I went on the last Parent's Day and I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! Although we didn't get to do much outside because the storm came, I thought the Counselors were patient and attentive and caring to all the children. The kids all genuinely seemed happy, which is a feat in itself. Even when we went inside, the counselors were great with the situation that was handed to them. I was extremely nervous sending my daughter here as every new place makes a parent nervous, but I am so happy with the decision we made. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.

Tracey Moher gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star review

I have three children at The Malvern Day Camp and I must say that our car rides home are non-stop talks about all the fun things they did that day. My oldest daughter loves playing Gaga with her friends and counselors, while her younger sisters enjoy swimming and kayaking. I love the fact that my children are outside being active on a daily basis. I would recommend this camp to anyone.

Cook Crew gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star review

A very unfair review about the Malvern day camp below. My little boy has been coming here for several years and he has been very happy each and every one of them. I also disagree that the staff here is unfriendly. They run or wave to always say hello and greet you. They always have smiles on their faces. It is clear that a review below is from a kid and his personal experience rather than experience of everyone else in the camp. I feel sorry that this child did not like it here because I know for sure that anyone would if they tried. Malvern day camp is wonderful and affordable at the same time. I highly recommend

LHI gave Malvern Day Camp a 5 star review

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