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353 West 48th st
Floor 4th
New York, NY 10036
United States
(646) 969-6890

Allison Strongly Recommends Maid-hattan

Allison B

Awesome experience with the Maidhattan team! Prompt, professional, courteous, and hard-working!

Spencer Martin

Best cleaning service in New York! Personalized service but with the added benefit of a well-run organization. We love our cleaning helper Alice and highly recommend her and Maid-hattan!

Amy Kolz
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank you, Amy!
Nancy Duran Rodriguez
Bill Perez

very good cleaning firm, accurate and honest

Andzia Andiza
Mariola Brzóska
Edyta Kusz
Marzena Ziembicka

I've used Marzena's cleaning service for over 2 years now. I am constantly impressed with what a great job they do. In the past, I've found that my cleaners start out well, but the more time goes by, the more corners they cut. Keep Your Home Clean has continued to do a very thorough job EVERY time they come. They are great with my weird pets, and make things pretty much effortless. I recommend them highly.

Sara Oppenheim
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank You Sara!

I can't recommend Marzena and her crew (specifically Anna) enough. I found them online as I was looking for a cleaning service that would also do laundry and iron. I was impressed by their web presence but as you know, that doesn't always mean the service is going to be good. I am happy to report that it is! I think the biggest testament to how good they are is that I have recommended Keep Your Home Clean to several friends over the years and they are now recommending to their friends.

James Garnett
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank you James!

When the communicative & confidence-inspiring management at "Keep Your Home Clean" said they needed to switch housekeepers (from Kasia, one whom we've adored for years), I was reluctant. However - and, as a testament to this entire service team - every single detail & idiosyncrasy of our cleaning preferences was ably & seamlessly handled by Anna! Now, we're bachelors in a not-too-large home; not fussy & generally tidy. Best praise we can offer however, is that KYHC consistently exceeds... Read More

Dan Vatanaviggun
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank you, Dan!

Keep Your Home Clean is by far the best cleaning service I have used. Yesterday I used their Deep Clean service, and let me tell you when I left my home in the morning it was a disaster! Dishes piled high, clothes and toys and kids' art projects everywhere, and I hadn't dusted in a month. The bathroom was a crazy mess. I literally thought, "Well I can't expect too much from the cleaning lady because one person can only do so much!" When I returned home with my two small children after a long day, I was... Read More

Megan Edwards
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank you, Megan. Happy to help.

After trialling two other cleaning companies that were not up to the job I am extremely happy to have finally found a company that is.
'Keep your home clean' have been cleaning my apartment for the last month and the standard of cleaning has exceeded my expectations. The lady that cleans my apartment is extremely thorough and the company as a whole is extremely professional while also being friendly.
They were recommended to me via a neighbor and I would most definitely recommend them too.

Donna Mooney
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank You Donna. I'm very happy to have such a nice client.

We have used Keep Your Home Clean for several years. They are extremely professional and have done a fantastic job cleaning our apartment. We have had the same woman for 2 years , which is great for continuity, and when she is away or unavailable (rarely), the owner herself comes to supervise, or sometimes does the cleaning herself. They take credit cards, which is a nice feature, as we only ever had the option to pay for our cleanings in cash. They are also very accommodating with schedule changes. If we are away... Read More

Lillian Lin
Maid-hattan Replied: Thank you Lillian!

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