Loudoun Sports Therapy Center

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21251 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 140
Sterling, VA 20166
United States

The staff is professional and pays attention to detail. They are very personable and comprehensive in addressing the problem.... See More


I love coming the girls are sweet and fun . Feel free again.... See More


Great place for therapy Great instructors and great attitude for working with patients I would highly recommend LSTC for all therapy needs Dynamic staff and very experienced in health care... See More


The only thing that is more impessive than the facility is the staff!!!!
They are professional knowledgeable caring and dedicated to doing their best for their patients!!!!!

I will recommend them enthusiastically! !!!

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf



I had a wonderful experience learning the best way to deal with back pain... See More


I had a very positive experience here. I started to get discouraged but they encouraged me to keep working at it. They must have known that I was on the edge of a breakthrough because after that appointment things got better quickly. I'm glad I was proactive in getting help before my back got too b... See More


I love this place. Everyone is kind and is very careful with exercises. I feel much better and that the people care for when I come here.... See More


I am pain free after 6 Weeks of physical therapy. The staff have been very professional, helpful and friendly.... See More


I am walking better with less pain and sometimes no pain in my left hip. My knees even benefitted some. My chiropractor said she can see my hips are more square . The exercises were easy to follow so that on off days, I could do which helped my recovery. I would like to come back for my knee proble... See More


I had a wonderful experience and PT works. I learned a lot.... See More


I would highly recommend anyone I know to come here for physical therapy. The therapists are all so positive, enthusiastic and energetic to help you get better as quickly as possible.... See More


My experience here was very nice. The physical therapists are very kind and patient... See More


Pleased with experience at LSTC! Staff was concerned and helped me return to prior activity.... See More


Dedicated staf and compassionate... See More


The staff was friendly, professional and attentive to my specific injury. I began feeling better very quickly!... See More


All staff has been extremely pleasant and helpful. They are dedicated professionals and I would recommend Loudoun Sports Therapy Center as a place for rehab.... See More


Came in because of terrible shoulder pain and could barely move it. Shoulder is now much mobile and pain is almost entirely gone.... See More


Enjoyed my time here, but my issue may be something physical therapy can't do a lot for. Did get temperary releaf fom physical therapy.... See More


Great experience! The staff is very helpful and friendly.... See More


LSTC helped me with my headaches and neck pain. Angie was awsome!... See More


They were awesome. Helpful and knowledgable. I will definitely recommend LSTC.... See More


This place was extremely helpful and every trainer was kind and worked hard to get me to my goal.... See More


Excellent experience with knowledgeable and helpul staff. I highly recommend and will choose this facility again if necessary.... See More


I came here because of hip and hamstring pain that would keep me from sleeping well. Within a few visits I felt better and I was pain free and could run again.... See More


Having never been to PT I've had a great experience here . The therapists are very knowledgeable and patient... See More

Friendly, efficient, personable service that goes beyond others. Thanks to wonderful Staff, I am much better and going back to Normal! -- Rich C

R Carp gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

I am so grateful to have found this place. I thought my back pain that would just be part of my whole life, coming here in this short amount of time, I have gained strength and more stability, also I now understand that pain is not something I'll have to live with. With the proper ways they have taught me my pain has rapidly gone away. Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. Thank you :-)

Shadi Willeke gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

The entire staff treated me like family. The trainers were very involved with the exercise program to help me reach my goal. The therapists worked on my lower back and knew exactly how to Loosen the knots. I would put everyone's name on here but I don't have enough room so I just want to thank everyone and I highly recommend Loudoun Sports Therapy Center thank you so much.

Arthur Klaunberg gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

The therapists at LSTC are all attentive and very focused on helping me regain the ability to return to yoga and exercise I appreciate them providing extra information for me to progress more at home and bring patient with all my questions I will highly recommend this group for future physical therapy and to friends

Donna Kowalick gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

I'm back in my heels again, thanks to the wonderful therapists who pushed me to do more and more, after having a full knee replacement. Everyone has been extremely helpful and worked with me to get to my goal. In a little over a year since the onset of symptoms, I've managed to rack up 34 weeks of PT. I feel very comfortable with all the therapists - just one of the family. My sincere thanks to all for pushing me to go the extra mile.

Robin Ellison gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

I had a great time with all the patient therapists they were all concerned with the patient's well being and rehabilitation. Each one cared for you indivually and as a group. Highly recommend them for any rehab needs.

Ricky Alford gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

My experience has been really good. All the therapists have been attentive and informative when I asked questions.

Christine W. Jessee gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

Before coming here I could barely function. After one visit I was able to resume my normal day to day and couldn't have done it with Loudoun Sports Therapy Center. -- Christina W

Christina Wick gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

Fantastic PTs...incredibly skilled and wonderfully friendly and supportive from the first visit to the last . Great facility and staff . Couldn't ask for better. -- Jon A

Jon Ackerman gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

I love coming here. The entire staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. When I'm here the hour flies by. My lower back feels so much better. If I start having back pain I now know the proper exercises and stresses to do to relieve it. Thank you Loudoun Sports Therapy Center!

Emily Ping Cripps gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

Everyone at LSTC has been incredibly helpful and generally awesome. After 3 hip surgeries and several prehabs and rehabs my strength and stability are greatly improved. -- Fran L

Fran Labate gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

It was helpful to me my back got better than first time I got here every one here frindly

Nabil Fahmy gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 4 star review

Everyone I came in contact with was extremely helpful and made my recovery fun while still challenging me. I loved every session and looked foward to coming to every session.

Camryn Fagan gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

Staff was very helpful, courteous, and seemed genuinely concerned with my goals and wanted me to reach them as much as I did. The facility was set up very nicely with plenty of room and all the necessary equipment

Darla Brown gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 4 star review

Very professional in their approach. Extremely friendly. Would recommend to anyone.

Guy Kramel gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

Loved the staff and experience at LSTC. I finally don't have annoying neck pain anymore.

Sydney Knego gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

LSTC is an amazing practice and I cannot sing their praises enough! They are formal, knowledgeable, and professional. All doctors and therapists are top... more

Belinda C. gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

I have had two injuries in the past six months (boo hoo for me!) and been treated at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center in Sterling for both. I found them to be... more

Ali R. gave Loudoun Sports Therapy Center a 5 star review

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