Little Treasures Child Care Home

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3523 Broadway
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
United States
(716) 683-0632

My husband and I could not be happier with the care that our boys receive while at Little Treasures! They love their teachers and look forward to going everyday! Keep up the amazing work ladies, you are truly making an impact on our boys lives! We see you and we appreciate everything you do!!

Molly Kahabka

Both my children go or have gone to Little Treasures! Best decision my husband and I made! My daughter is in pre-k now and we love her development!

Ann Ostrowski-Roland

I am now 31 years old and I went to little treasures when I was growing up and I loved it there... I still have awesome memories from there I'll never forget! ❤

Rachel Doyle

Both my kids went there. My son from 8 months to pre-k. They are 18 and 21 now and have many wonderful memories from there!! Amazing place!

Robin ODonnell Suffoletta

been part of their family for 3 years now....have loved on both my kids (ages 7 and 3) like they are their own ! always attentive and flexible. I feel confident with all of the staff. caring for our kids!

Kristin Marie

I’m 20 years old now but I went here as a little kid and I remember it so well and loved it here! I always remember Santa coming to visit �

Nicole Dzienciol
Sabina Cizmic Avdagic

They take very good care of my little man!!! My husband and I are extremely happy.

Melissa Helak

One of the best choices we made! It's been 8 years now and counting.

David Wachala
Thomas Montgomery
Donna Whitehead Petroski

Very happy we chose this daycare. One of the nicest features that they offer (actually don't offer) is the absence of any TV's in the building, I thought that was a huge plus.

Eddie Kasprzyk gave Little Treasures Child Care Home, Inc. a 5 star review

absolutely love them !

Juss F gave Little Treasures Child Care Home, Inc. a 5 star review
0wen gave Little Treasures Child Care Home, Inc. a 5 star review

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