Little People Montessori Academy

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7942 W. Ogden Ave
Lyons, IL 60534
United States

I have had my son at Little People Montessori for almost three years, and I have watched him grow to become such a smart and well behaved and respectful little boy right before my eyes! The teachers and staff are very invested in my son's education and truly care for his well being and growth that w... See More

My daughter has been at Little People Montessori for two years, from age 3-5, and she loves it and so do we. The school is well organized, businesslike, and safe. They have an administrative person who effectively handles all the billing and communications. Moreover, the director is responsive to parents’ concerns: Our daughter was having behavior problems this fall, and the director and teachers worked with us to develop a (successful) plan to address them. As a result of this attention, the parents at the school are happy. The kids are happy because the teachers are outstanding. Instead of letting the kids color all day, the lead teachers make sure the kids are stimulated and engaged. They are patient and loving with all the kids, even the ones who are more challenging. As a result, you almost never see kids crying when they are dropped off, even in the littler kids’ room. There has been no turnover among teachers in the time my daughter has been there, which I think is unusual, and important to providing a stable environment. They just added an exercise program once a week, to keep the kids moving, which demonstrates that they are not just on autopilot, but constantly trying to improve. I would not hesitate to recommend this school.

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I am happy to report that I am the grandmother of an eighth grade honor student who received the start on her journey in education at Little People... more

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