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Dr Masud is amazing. I have been going to him for 15 yrs and he has been able to help me with any pain I have. Usually with just one adjustment. I highly recommend him for any and all your chiropractic needs. He is also great with helping me out holistically with any illnesses.... See More


I’m 18 years old and had been living with chronic lower back pain since I was around 12-13 years old. I had seen many chiropractors befor I found Doctor Masud, but none were able to offer me the lasting relief that he did. I have been seeing him for over two years now, and I am happy to say I am l... See More


Dr. Sheryar Masud is an exceptional chiropractor and runs a very professional practice. I began receiving therapy and adjustments for my lower back a few years ago, as I had been experiencing discomfort due to injuring my back while exercising.

Since the time I began receiving treatments, I’ve n... See More


My father and brother highly recommended him so I thought I would give it a try. I had numbness and tingling in both my arms for years, within the first month the simtumes in my left arm was completely gone and my right is 80% better. Would highly recommend he's all about natural not pushing pills l... See More


Thru the years of adjustments my body has experienced much less pain and my chronic conditions have been under control... See More


I've had a non-stop headache for just over 6 months, when I decided to try a chiropractor to help. I'm really glad I did because the staff at Lighthouse Medical Group has been great! Dr. Masud really takes the time to figure out the root of the problem and will talk you through it. He's been incredi... See More


Highly recommended for chiropractic needs. Dr. Masud really takes the time understand what is causing pain and then looks at a holistic solution.... See More

Les Moe Recommends Lighthouse medical group

Dr. Maksud’s approach has brought me long lasting relief from severe lower back pain and sciatica. He is holistic in nature. Mind, body , and spirit.

3 months ago
Hill Chely N Scott Recommends Lighthouse medical group

Dr. Masud I have known for at least 10 years. He is very dedicated at what he does, and he does an amazing job. Dr. Masud works with the specific needs of his clients and is professional. Dr. Masud is helping me with strength training and even though he is a busy man, he takes the time to teach me on proper excersices. I highly recommend Dr. Masud. 👍👍

3 months ago
Ariel Shorts gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review

I just had my first visit and I honestly learned more in one day, than I have in years of going to several different doctors. I walked out of there feeling great, and he also actually wants to HELP you, not just give you a temporary solution. I have several future visits planned

9 months ago
Erin Baketz gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review
9 months ago
Bernie Gorak II gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review
10 months ago
Maebelle Obispo-Emery gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review

Lighthouse Chiro has taken great care of my family. I started getting readjustments when I started feeling the pain of carrying twins. Since then I have felt a great difference in my movement and activity. I highly recommend Lighthouse because the staff is always welcoming & Dr. Masoud is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Always takes the time to listen to your ailments and troubleshoot to find a solution. Thank you Lighthouse!!

2 years ago
Nigar Jamil gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review

A couple of years back, I fell and hurt my R shoulder which was extremely painful and lingered on for two/three weeks. My doctor told me it will require surgery. But instead I decided to see Dr. Masud at Lighthouse Family Chiropractic Clinic in St. Charles, Illinois. During the very first treatment, I felt like a ton of weight was lifted off my shoulder and immediately felt a great relief. Dr. Masud is very professional and sincerely caring about his patients. I had a magical healing experience with his treatment. You have to try his magical expertise, before you Opt for major surgery for injuries.

2 years ago
Susan Molinar gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review
2 years ago
Daniel Raymond Jacob gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review

Great atmosphere ! Phenomenal physician! Over all would highly recommend.

2 years ago
Dar Sarangaya gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review
2 years ago
Masud Sharyar gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review
2 years ago
Kyle Tyson gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review

I am currently a faithful patient of Dr. Masud for the past 16yrs. Recently I FINALLY took his ADVISE and started receiving treatments as a way of life instead of pain management. During the last 2yrs. I have suffered 0 (Zero) physical setbacks in my physical training! I was limited to one or two days a week of hard cardio. Now I am at 5 days a week! Any minor discomfort for the neck, shoulders, back, knees, ankles etc. I would just let him know and I was back to my normal workout routine. the way I am 52yrs old...

3 years ago
Brad Edmondson gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review

Was about to go to the ER one day I was in so much pain from a shoulder injury. Dr Masud managed to adjust my shoulder and do some work on it immediately relieving a good portion of the pain and letting it heal up quickly afterwards. I go in every week and he helps with various injuries and wear and tear I experience from my sport. Highly recommend him.

5 years ago
Sheri Baird Goodrich gave Lighthouse medical group a 5 star review
5 years ago

Best chiropractor in st. Charles. Only Doctor that has been able to adjust me and fix my busted hips (19 years of football) Great staff, knowledgeable, help... more

Bob M. gave Lighthouse Medical Group a 5 star review

Wow! What a huge help. My wife started me coming here and it has proven a huge benefit. Dr. Masud is committed to total body health with an emphasis on the... more

Carl K. gave Lighthouse Medical Group a 5 star review

I have been going to Dr Masud for several years. I absolutely feel great with my health. All I now is that if I did not go with his practice I would most... more

Debbie N. gave Lighthouse Medical Group a 5 star review

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