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I am the director of Precious Children in the Highlands Preschool. We started using Life Cubby about six months ago and we love it. It has taken us to a higher level professionally with record keeping and communication with parents. I like the way it ties everything together with assessments and ac... See More


LifeCubby has improve our parent retention for our center. The customer service I receive every time makes the product so worth it. We highly recommend LifeCubby.... See More


They offer the best support I've experienced with any app, or even company. I couldn't upload a picture and reached out. Sue replied within hours that it would be fixed within a couple of days. She followed up when it was. Then, I switched phones. I wasn't able to reset my password, so I emailed Su... See More

The teachers LOVE the parent communication and the ease of the app!

Christine DeSanti gave LifeCubby a 5 star review

We love the LifeCubby app. It's easy to navigate and we can see updates on our child.

Stuart Osborne gave LifeCubby a 4 star review
Archenia Conifert gave LifeCubby a 5 star review

LifeCubby has an AMAZING customer support! I have especially APPRECIATED all of the help I have received from Chanel! Chanel is always friendly and is willing to help out with any questions or problems; big or small. Chanel is a WONDERFUL ASSET to the LifeCubby team!!! Thank you for all of your help Chanel!!! Alyssa- Memories & Milestones Academy

Alyssa VonGuten Ondich gave LifeCubby a 5 star review
Deanna Schiesser gave LifeCubby a 4 star review

I used to teach pre-k and all of our parents raved about the daily pictures and updates getting sent to them by our staff. Even simple things like their child ate all of their lunch that day! They were prepared to praise them at pick up. Brilliant app and peace of mind for every parent. I am so happy this company is growing because I know how important it is for parents to have this technology. How wonderful it is to communicate with teachers so quickly and have an online portal of their child's growth and development. Great job Lifecubby team!!

Jessica Frum gave LifeCubby a 5 star review

LifeCubby has an exceptional customer service. I am in the unusual situation of having my children attending different daycare centers (both using LifeCubby) and They were able to quickly make some adjustments to our accounts so that my husband and I could see both children on the app simultaneously. The daily sheets are easy to read and communicating with teachers is a breeze by using the app.

Ivelisse Cabrera gave LifeCubby a 5 star review
Gomotsang Macha gave LifeCubby a 5 star review

LifeCubby is used by our daycare and we love being able to see how our child’s day is going. We check throughout the day to see how our child’s day is progressing. When the teacher’s put the food and amount my child ate it helps to ensure they are receiving enough nutritious food and to know what they are eating. I also enjoy all of the pictures they post. We get to see the daily activities and it always puts a smile on our faces during our busy days. We can also instantly message our child’s teachers with any questions or comments and receive a response. It's great that we receive an email notification when new pictures, comments, or other items are posted to the child's account. We are also able to add grandparents to the child’s “cubby” which allows them to see the pictures and videos as well – great touch! I can’t wait to see when our daycare will start to use the additional features of the app (school calendar, tuition tracking)

Katie Gillaugh gave LifeCubby a 4 star review

Love to see updates of my kids throughout the day with pictures and get a review of their day. My only gripe is the app has had some issues for me pulling things up but this has improved

Kris Durning Mathey gave LifeCubby a 4 star review
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