Legacy Irish Dance

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3080 N Fairfield Road
Layton, UT 84041

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Legacy School of Dance. The staff and teachers are friendly and accommodating, and the studio is fun and cheery and a healthy environment for dancers of all skill levels. The no-pressure mentality allows students to participate at their own pace, while also providing challenging opportunities for those who want to excel and showcase their abilities. The end-of-year recital (in the Spring) is a jaw-dropping, incredibly professional production. The details of choreography, costumes, make-up, and venue are absolutely phenomenal. Our community is lucky to have this caliber of Irish dance facility available for all types of participants. Would highly recommend!

Anna Richardson gave Legacy School of Dance and Utah Irish Dance Company a 5 star review

Legacy Irish Dance is an amazing dance studio! My daughter has worked with many of their teachers and has loved all of them. I appreciate that they let you as a parent choose how involved you want to be. Competitions and travel are optional. They offer many opportunities to perform in the community as well. I would highly recommend this dance studio to anyone looking to help your child develop a unique talent, make new friends, and just have fun!

Jennie Martin gave Legacy School of Dance and Utah Irish Dance Company a 5 star review

Legacy Dance is superb! My two daughters take ballet lessons and I couldn’t be happier with the results of this class. They come home each week eager to show me new steps or techniques they are learning. Their ballet teacher has the innate ability to encourage them to focus on perfecting each ballet step or routine while still keeping them motivated and excited to learn. We came home a couple hours early from a vacation and both my girls insisted on changing as quickly as possible into their dance attire in order to make it to their class on time. But I believe the thing I love most about Legacy Dance is the fact that both my girls are happy, are improving in both posture and in their ballet skills, and show real determination to learn while maintaining that childlike wonder about each new choreographed step or routine. And there is absolutely no awkward dance moves or inappropriate “hip thrusting and grinding” on stage during these recitals…each dance, whether ballet or Irish dance, is carried out with precision, quality of technique, and grace. All dancers are a delight to behold and the entire experience is utterly charming!

C. Huffman gave Legacy School of Dance and Utah Irish Dance Company a 5 star review

We love Legacy School of Dance! My energetic 3 year old looks forward to dance class every week! If you’re looking for a great dance class to start your littles in, this is definitely the place for you! I’m excited to see my little dancer progress over the years.

Jamila Lowe gave Legacy School of Dance and Utah Irish Dance Company a 5 star review

This place is by far the most welcoming dance studio in Davis county. Not only is Christy, the owner, passionate about helping people persue their love of dance, she is amazing at hiring teachers who are eager to encourage students to achieve their full potential as dancers. Notably, Tori and Ellie are some of the kindest, genuinely good people I have ever met. They love working with younger students, are great examples to pre-teen/teenagers, and can even put up with some teasing with the adults the teach. They are spirited and gentle, intelligent and understanding. I am always happy to see them and are always the best part of busy week. If you are looking for a dance studio that has it all- great classes, talented teachers, and dedicated owners- then sign up at Legacy. You will not regret it.

Hillaury McShane gave Legacy School of Dance and Utah Irish Dance Company a 5 star review
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