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Leads took longer than expected but that's Google for you. I was well informed of progress and opportunities along the way. Our business is thriving now.... See More


happy with the service and result. I was overanxious about the timing of the results but that's my fault. Time builds longevity and the service leads has contributed to my companies success this year.... See More


We needed leads for our business. We knew it was important but never had enough time to focus on acquisition. Ran into a sales rep (Jeff) from lead central at an airport of all places. He didn't sell me but rather he tried to understand our business and offered suggestions for lead generation. M... See More


So good for your business. Reliable and result driven.... See More


As a new agent, I love getting leads every few days. I have a large SOI but not a lot of business yet so connecting with people who don’t know me is a big bonus. After receiving my first 6 leads, I am communicating with a new client who is relocating. ... See More


Great people to work with! Have used them for many years now and everyone I've worked with has been extremely willing to help. In addition to coming to the table with their own ideas to help increase our leads, they are very willing to listen to our ideas and try to incorporate those as well. ... See More


Working with Lead Central has been a great experience. Even though we are probably small in terms of customer size, I always get quick responses and follow up. The leads they generate have led to some very solid opportunities and sales. I highly recommend them to manage and build your sales funnel! ... See More


The knowledgeable account manager that handled my account. He quickly assisted my company needs and made recommendations based on the information I provided him. He also worked out a program that fit within my budget...but also suggested some solutions we had not thought of. ... See More


Great team. Would highly recommend using their services to anyone. They provide an excellent service at a great value. Leads are pouring in hourly!... See More


Great service and strategy based business. They found holes in our marketing plans and they delivered on their promise. Our business has grown 165% yr/yr thanks to the service. It's worth the time and effort to any business.... See More


Customer Service, weekly to monthly reporting, organizational skills. They have great client relations experience. Very adaptable. ... See More


A friend of ours referred us to this service. Andrew and his team have provided an outstanding service that has grown our business over the past two years or so. We've hired additional staff members to accommodate the increase in phone calls into our company. His team is constantly in touch with ... See More


I cannot say enough good things about this service. The results are fair and quantifiable. You just need to understand that sustainability takes time. This service isn't an overnight solution so you must have patience as well. ... See More


Our company was at its final stages before closing for good. We exhausted all options to find new business. I ran into Andrew at a friends house and found great interest in his companies service....that was 8 months ago. Now, we are thriving with new business leads daily. I hate the thought of w... See More


We were indecisive to work with Lead Central. We decided what the hell, go for it. I now kick myself for the lost time. Leads are coming out of our ears. We cannot keep up (a good problem). Our company growth has increased by 34% and increasing monthly. So good to have Andrew and his team on b... See More


My practice in personal injury was getting slow. With all the competition in my area, I needed to do something. I found Lead Central online and spoke to Andrew. From the initial conversation, it was clear, he and his team knew what I needed. It was simple, make my phone ring and send my firm lea... See More


Andrew is excellent at this business. He knows his stuff and never promises more than he can deliver. We knew the company's solution was the right fit for our firm after the first phone call. Smart, reliable, efficient. Highly recommend.... See More


Lead Central is a good company and they did what they promised to do. I know less than nothing about how to advertise and they got me new clients. Thank You. ... See More


Andrew has not only become our go-to marketing guy, he has really made us take a hard look at how we offer business to our clients. Lead Central has made our clients sit up and take notice now that we are a force on the web. Many thanks.... See More


B2B interaction was something that I always thought would just happen organically for my business. Well, it didn’t, and if it wasn’t for Lead Central Group helping me create a strategy to approach this invaluable sector of our revenue stream, I’d still be twiddling my thumbs waiting for someth... See More


Honest and realistic. They don’t sell false hopes. If anything, Andrew will tell you if your company is a “good fit” (his words) for the solution they offer. You better structure yourself so it is! this is solid marketing that is backed up by data and real-time examples of how LCG are helping ... See More


Lead Central is professional, accurate with their research and they do not over-promise what they can do for your business. I also liked how they helped give me ideas to strategize for not only my present marketing needs, but for future growth as well.... See More


My small business is now the go-to place in my region, and now I am preparing for the next stage of growth by reaching out on the net to areas east of me. Can't tell you how glad I was to get that first email from Andrew and his team.... See More


Building our accounting practice has been so much faster with the help we have received from Lead Central. If we had gone it alone, we'd probably be spending double for advertising and other things. Now we have customers calling us, instead of chasing customers or relying just on word of mouth.... See More


Our business has made excellent inroads into the Toronto region. It's highly competitive, so the inside edge we get from using Lead Central's 'formula' to get us to the top of Google has made our investment worthwhile. Here is to a great future dominating Toronto!

... See More


We now get a more steady supply of landscaping calls then ever before. It has really helped balance out the company's income levels throughout the year. Go to these guys -they'll take care of you.... See More


Nice people who work hard for you. Always available for questions and explain stuff well. Highly recommend.... See More


Lead Central really helped revitalize my business. I am a contractor and thanks to Andrew and his team, my guys are busy year round. ... See More


Pay per click was killing my company. Lead Central offered a better solution for what we needed - more customers who were serious about doing business.... See More


If you want steady work, call Mr. Andrew as he knows what to do on the Webs to get you the work. ... See More

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