Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

108 Brookwood Path
Suite 200
Atlanta, Georgia 30269
United States

Karen, is extremely knowledge. She gave me some very insightful information on getting my products noticed in the marketplace, from blogging to developing relationships with local partners. She also gave me resource's for registering as a woman minority in Georgia. Thanks so much Karen.


Karen Karen has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience working in her field and has established quite a reputation as a go-to person for financial consulting and development. I see her as the resource I always seek when I make acquisition and investment decisions. She does set the bar for o... See More


Karen and her insight to investors has been very helpful to me in my startup process!


I wish everyone I encountered was this helpful. Straight talking and to the point, Karen brought valuable insight to the situation.


Karen was very helpful in answering questions related to the seed investsment my company was finalizing. Her expertise was valuable for topics of taxation, investor relations and deal structuring. I look forward to work more with Karen in the future!

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