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I’ve been in other coaching programs that are very well known and told us to do video. They never gave a strategic plan around the how. This program gives you everything you need and more to be a digital marketing expert and so much more.


She has been a fantastic coach!


Krista Mashore is an exceptional coach. She gives you more n more digital marketing info. She goes Above n Beyond to explain processes and simplify ways to accomplish our goals. I very highly recommend Krista.

Lesa Landry Jordan Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

So impressed by Krista Mashore and her staff! Her genuine passion for sharing her amazing abilities with others is beyond comparison! She is the #1 real estate coach in America!!

7 hours ago
Kimberly Donbrosky Surovchak Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

THIS! Best Coaching ever! Stop searching for a better Coach! It is a game Changer!! Leaning more than ever expected! Krista and her team Over Delivers! I am a richer person because of the tools and systems taught! You will be a believer too❗️

1 day ago
Tammy Bolt Werthem Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

cannot wait to read the book!!!

1 week ago
Victor Martinez Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

She's a compassionate, passionate and conscious industry expert that offers practical knowledge to help relators thrive personally and professionally.

3 weeks ago
Thessy Akabogu Onyenedum Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Krista goes Above and Beyond in her coaching. She loads us with useful information and easy ways to implement all of them.

4 weeks ago
Vic Meyer Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

a solid, step by step approach to achieving success in Real Estate.

1 month ago
Tammy Rosson Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Im currently in the video coaching and have told several of my friends about you .They want me to help them , I told them they would have to go to your coaching in order to get the the full experirence. Some people need the mindset, others do not. Its a individual walk. I will tell everyone about your coaching, Thanks for all you do to help others !

3 months ago
Jodie Martin Cordell Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

I've read her book and participated in her 15-Day Challenge and I have to say she has really pushed me to be better at this real estate business! I'm still pretty new to real estate so I'm learning a lot of AWESOME techniques right out the gate! Thank you so much, Krista! You're AWESOME SAUCE!

3 months ago
Kathy Grant Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

her coaching is excellent, a step by step process to help build our real estate business. she is personable, informative and energetic. I recommend her coaching to anyone who want to grow their business.

3 months ago
Michael Assido Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Full of energy and knowledge

3 months ago
Ernst Urbainczyk Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Amazing person, amazing program,refreshing, this is where the real estate agents' future is. Get with it.

3 months ago
Diana Gonzalez Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

her enthusiasm and knowledge is amazing.

4 months ago
Isabel Gomez Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

I'm NOT a Realtor... and I've read the comments in this thread. Seems like there's people who mockingly show disbelief... others are comfortable with doing little and others are hungry for more. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, then you are serious with your business! You help yourself, expand horizons, learn techniques that help you business grow...based on your mental and physical capabilities. I take it this is NOT for all but I honor "Krista Mashore Coaching" for extending the opportunity to share her wealth of knowledge and experience in her success with people who are willing to invest in themselves to do the same. Kudos! 👌👍

4 months ago
Gitta Urbainczyk Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Krista Mashore Coaching is beyond amazing. Glad we joined her on the journey toward greatness

4 months ago
Samantha Bradshaw Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

You want to push your potential ... Krista Mashore Coaching is the way to go!!

4 months ago
David McKee Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

You would be crazy not to !!!

6 months ago
Alberto Mejia gave Krista Mashore Coaching a 5 star review
6 months ago
Justin Ford Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Amazing book, looking forward to learning about the coaching program!

7 months ago
Mell Schaer Recommends Krista Mashore Coaching

Krista’s coaching program is by far THE best investment I have made in my professional development. The curriculum is dense with the most up to date information available. It is every bit as challenging as a college level course. I absolutely live the program.

8 months ago
Carol Ballard Smith gave Krista Mashore Coaching a 5 star review

Krista Mashore Coaching has been amazing! If you want to learn how to use digital marketing to launch your business to a whole new level, you MUST join this fantastic group! Krista is a real estate dynamo and her team is just fabulous! I highly recommend Krista Mashore!!

8 months ago
Lindsey McDaniel gave Krista Mashore Coaching a 5 star review

Thoroughly enjoyed your webinar today!

11 months ago
Catherine Mcmurray gave Krista Mashore Coaching a 5 star review
11 months ago

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