Kingston Crossing Wellness

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8202 NE State Hwy 104, suite 105
Kingston, Wa 98346
United States

This clinic is so helpful. I was in an accident a while back and they treated me like gold. Can’t say enough great about Dr. Gill and the staff.... See More


Fast and very friendly. By far the best chiropractic office I've been to. Highly recommend... See More


I have been a patient at Kingston Crossing since around 2008 after I suffered a neck injury I received in a car accident.

I have been under their chiropractic, massage and acupuncture care at a frequency of about once a week for the last six months to help me recover from whiplash.

I have no rese... See More


The entire staff at Kingston Crossing is awesome They took the time to understand my entire medical history and develope a comprehensive treatment plan to address all of my concerns... See More

I recently had the regeneration therapy for my knees. This procedure has literally given me my life back. Before the treatment the pain in my knees was so severe that I could barely walk. I am looking forward now to getting back to a more active life. If you are considering a knee replacement I would consider this much less invasive treatment. Plus it is much less expensive than a knee replacement. The staff at Kingston Crossing is so friendly and helpful. For me it has been and excellent experience all around. I would highly recommend it.

Rhonda Neuman gave Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic a 5 star review

I’ve been battling a severe knee problem (torn meniscus, I was told) for about 5 years now. I’ve done MRI’s, X-rays and spent weeks at a time on crutches. When I wasn’t on crutches, my knee was so swollen that it was embarrassing. Clothes didn’t fit right, no high heels....I literally would crawl up stairs and basically waddled back down them. Forget carrying anything. I’m only 45. It was depressing. My physician offered me little hope of anything except pain medicine, cortisone shots and surgery. None of those are options for me so I decided to try something different and checked out Kingston Wellness. I simply cannot express enough how grateful I am to them for giving me back my life. My treatment plan involved PRP injections, laser and acupuncture. Now, not only do I have zero painful swelling in my knee (no more limping and waddling!), I also feel healthier, in every way, than I have for a very long time and I definitely owe it to my extremely positive experience with this clinic. No drugs, no scars....just healing. I have more energy, a more positive outlook, I’m more productive and focused and best of all I’m totally pain free. That is a huge deal for me. I highly recommend the entire team here...they are really welcoming, and caring and I could not be more pleased with my results.

Judy Hobbs gave Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic a 5 star review

Having a lot of joint, muscle and nerve pain that general practitioners have never been able to correct or give me some relief, I found myself at Kingston Crossings Wellness Clinic. The skilled staff are excellent at communicating with each other, resulting in a comprehensive exam and a treatment program to get me back on the road. Everything you need is here all in one office! my massage therapist is Jamie DeAndre, she works on the areas that are needed in relieving my pain and working with my chiropractic adjustments to get the best results possible! Jamie is very thorough with my treatments and very attentive to make sure she does a thorough massage without too much discomfort. She asks at the beginning of each treatment about my problem areas and progress. Jamie is friendly, professional and makes you feel comfortable with the massage treatments. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a massage for themselves, for therapeutic reasons or just a relaxing massage!

Roni Shaw gave Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic a 5 star review

This group of people are awesome. They have fixed me right up a few times. Dr. Gil is very knowledgeable, thorough, and personable. On the phone and in person, the front desk is phenomenal. They give back to the community in several ways and treat their patients with raffles, and rewards. They have a chiropractor that specializes in headaches and carpel tunnel. Massages, acupuncture, adjustments, naturopathic medicine, and a nurse on staff... all so professional and very effective. I've been here off and on for several years. I highly recommend them. You will feel better every time you are seen here.

Chiton Kid gave Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic a 5 star review

To date the best Chiropractic care I have received, Great Doctors, Great Staff, Great Environment.

matthew Haffie gave Kingston Crossing Wellness Clinic a 5 star review

Friendly, welcoming staff. Decent prices. Top notch service in massage, chiro, accupuncture, and husband tried the diet and lost a lot of weight. They will... more

Laura S. gave Kingston Crossing Chiropractic a 5 star review

The staff is friendly professional and do everything they can to accommodate your schedule. The licensed staff Inara, Dr Gill, Shawn and Randall have taken... more

Lorie B. gave Kingston Crossing Chiropractic a 5 star review

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