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They made a trip to the dentist as pleasant as possible ... See More


We have always had great experiences at Beecher Family Dentistry. Everyone is very nice and polite and they work with us to get the appointment time that will work best with our schedule. I would recommend them to family and friends.... See More


Everybody is very friendly and helpful and do a wonderful job!... See More

Amanda Brennan gave Kimball & Beecher Family Dentistry a 5 star review
Diane McIntyre Wachal Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

Great place to go! Very friendly and helpful.

4 weeks ago
William Galvin Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

Being very apprehensive of dental procedures my entire life has unfortunately resulted in less than favorable dental health. After losing several teeth over the years and believing more were going to be lost, I decided enough was enough. Obviously I thought my dental prognosis was probably irreversible, and although not the best I was assured by Kimball and Beecher that there was hope for dental redemption. The moment I walked into K&B I was greeted by courteous, professional reception staff, they quickly were able to record my personal, health and insurance information, they then seamlessly scheduled me to the equally pleasant and obviously qualified dental tech that examined and painlessly administered a cleaning procedure swiftly , but thoroughly. Following the cleaning the dentist herself did a review of the tech's findings as well as her own physical evaluation of my teeth. From there the dentist along with her assistant provided fillings where they were required, both were reassuring before during and after the procedure and alleviated any apprehension I may have had going in. The process was pain free, as non evasive as was possible and the dentist provided a level of expertise and knowledge of what she was performing that made this one of the, if not the most pleasant dental visits I have experienced. Completely satisfied and confident in Kimball and Beecher. Kudos to the entire staff , I will certainly be singing K&B's praises whenever a dental referral is part of the discussion.

4 weeks ago
Jeff Freland Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

I went to see Dr Ashley on a Friday afternoon for a routine cleaning and checkup after having cracked a tooth. After doing an x ray Dr Ashley told me she didn't think the tooth could be saved because it was cracked in half all the way to the roots. I was pleased with her honest assessment of the condition of my tooth. I was also very relieved that she could get me an appointment one hour later the same day for the tooth extraction instead of having to wait in discomfort until the next week. I was very impressed by the professionalism of all of the staff in my time of need.

2 months ago
Kent Salisbury Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

I receive excellent care at Kimball & Beecher every time, and I've been impressed while watching as they work with young children to help them with the fears. They do a great job! Also, thanks much for the extras you always offer! Sometimes a hot neck warmer is just whats needed ;)

2 months ago
Chuck Rowe Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

Been going to them for years. This past week and I had an experience that needed attention right away, at least in my opinion. They quickly scheduled an appointment with me. As always, they go above and beyond to make sure that people feel comfortable there. I don’t know too many other dentists to provide TVs, headsets, blankets, pillows, and anything else to help make anxious people like me, feel more comfortable.

2 months ago
David Pat Spake Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

I have great respect for Dr Lindsey Vore and all her team. She helps as much with her heart as she does with her hands. Awesome person and dentist who I would trust to take care of any of my dental needs and concerns. Another WOW goes to Sam, the hygienist who took care of my cleanings and exam. Really liked her "Set down shut up and hang on" "I got this" attitude. Those people have been quite a blessing to me with my dental needs. Thank you!!! -- D L S

3 months ago
Tim Balvanz Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

Just had my wisdom teeth out. was over before it even started. I highly recommend. Staff was friendly and professional. Didnt even hurt at all

4 months ago
Brenda Simmons Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

The customer service and care that the entire staff provides blew my mind. They take dentistry to a whole new level.

4 months ago
Vicky Daters gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

I am the biggest 🐔when it comes to my mouth! From my first call to my last appointment to fix a problem, I have been made to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, every step explained, every question answered! They are amazing to work with and truly understood my fear. Very happy to have found them!!

5 months ago
Laura Weber Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

I have been a patient of Dr. Bouck's since I was a child, I am now 56. He has always been the best dentist with an awesome chair side manner. Quick with a welcoming smile and always willing to listen to how I am doing. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement!! I will miss you. Sincerely, Laura Weber

5 months ago
Cassie McBride Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

I just switched to Kimball and Beecher and they are awesome! Melissa was wonderful and they made the experience wonderful. I would highly recommend.

5 months ago
Shannon C Palmer gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

Dr Ashley is absolutely amazing. I always leave with my questions answered & a smile �.

5 months ago
Gloria Ewell gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

Professional friendly easy going. Comfortable. Great service.

5 months ago
Adam Hoffman gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

I've been going to Kimball and Beecher for right around 12 years or so and absolutely love their service. From a crown to simple fillings and the general uneventful check-up, I feel well taken care of and comfortable. I only wish I didn’t have to find a different provider for my three children due to our insurance provider not being recognized any longer with Kimball & Beecher. I know I will continue to drive from Waverly for my dental care needs.

5 months ago
Richard Shields Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

Eric is by far the absolutely best dentist I have ever had.

6 months ago
Jennifer Gary Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

These guys are great. Patient and kind with children and anxious adults

6 months ago
Darcy Wink Bodiford Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

I was having a problem, with a tooth. I was a new patient and they were able to get me right in. Dr Kimball and the other staff members I dealt with were fantastic. The best part is my tooth is not a problem anymore. I will continue using Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry.

7 months ago
Tami Rogers Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

EXCELLENT!!..Great staff!..Wonderful dentist!...They are kind, empathetic, and actually listen to you and take all the factors concerning your dental health and life situation into account when creating a plan for your oral health!..I simply cannot speak highly enough about this place...Two Thumbs up and Five Stars!!

7 months ago
Steven Luck Recommends Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo

Great experience. Great staff and i am looking forward to my next visit ☺

7 months ago
Amber S. Scott gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

Thank you sooo much to Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry!! Dr. Leushen was absolutely amazing!! I had major tooth issues which were causing sleep loss and ear pain, they fit me in right away on a Monday afternoon. Found out I had two teeth that would need extracted to make me feel better and they were able to do it the same day!! I was super nervous going into the dentist cause I hadn’t been in a while as well as nervous about getting my teeth pulled but she made me feel super comfortable and relaxed!! Again thank you so much!!

8 months ago
Lisa Curtis gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

Friday was the first time I used Kimball and Beecher. They made me feel comfortable, I get very nervous going to the dentist. I did not feel that way in their Waterloo office. I went there to have teeth cleaned and get cleared for knee surgery. I even made my 6 month follow up appointment I have never felt comfortable doing that with other dentist offices. Thank you for calming my nerves going to the dentist again.

8 months ago
Jerry Koester gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

I’ve been a patient of Dr Boucks for 40 years. Always impressed. I had an issue today(Friday the 13th at 3:30 pm ) and Dr B was out of the office for the weekend. Dr Kimball got me in right away and took the time to temporarily fix my problem and scheduled me for the following week for a permanent fix by Dr Bouck. Dr Kimball and his assistant were very professional, empathetic, and competent. I was IMPRESSED and will refer everyone to this practice.

8 months ago
Eric Murphy gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

Best dental visit ever

8 months ago
Harlie Moniowczak gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

I called five dentists at noon on a Friday before calling Kimball and Beecher family dentistry. 3 were closed and 2 couldnt answer my questions. Sixth call was Kimball and Beecher. I'm sure I was not the most pleasant person to talk to. I explained to the receptionist that I just needed someone to answer my questions and to see my daughter ASAP. They did both things! I first asked how much the initial consultation takes and they told me FREE unless xrays are taken. Mind blown. 1 star. Then this lovely receptionist said to me, "Would you like her to be seen today at 1:45?" WHAT?? Yes! I want nothing more than that at this moment. (My daughter had an abscess and recently completed penicillin - Kimball and Beecher shared my infection concern and made time a priority) 2 stars! When we got there, they got her in super quickly and gave my daughter a gift bag. She forgot she was at the dentist! She got a spiffy timer for brushing her teeth. 3 Stars! Then they said, we can pull it right now and bring her back for a maintainer in a week! 4 Stars! My daughter is 5 and Dr. Nicole do some great trick with a wiggly cheek and I have no idea if my daughter felt the needle! Very cool! 5 stars! They reminded her how awesome she was and gave her a token for their vending machines. 6 Stars! I'm telling you guys, this is a spectacular place to bring your child for dental everything. I won't tell you which dental office gave us a poor enough experience to seek different care but, I am soo stinking glad they did. Thank you so much everyone at Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry!!

8 months ago
Missy Sawin gave Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry Toledo a 5 star review

Lookout! I am every dental professional’s worst nightmare. I have been a patient at Kimball & Beecher since they purchased the business from Dr. Townsend. I really do have a high tolerance for all types of procedures, including births. I am, however, the all time WORST when it comes to dental procedures. In the past 4 years I have had to experience 5 or 6 caps. One also involved the dreaded two worst words in the universe. ROOT CANAL. Throughout all of these procurers there were two angels above my head. Michelle and Dr. Nicole D. These poor women went above and beyond each and every time I came in. They embraced my fears and helped me work through them. Yep, sometimes I slipped back and had those ugly panic attacks. Michelle would hold my hand and let me have the time I needed to overcome my anxiety and regain my composure while wiping my panic tears off my face. Nothing but kindness and compassion. I know dental care is so essential for all – especially at my advancing years. They do an awesome job and care about their patients. I would trust no one else. Check them out!

9 months ago

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