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Being very apprehensive of dental procedures my entire life has unfortunately resulted in less than favorable dental health. After losing several teeth over the years and believing more were going to be lost, I decided enough was enough. Obviously I thought my dental prognosis was probably irreversible, and although not the best I was assured by Kimball and Beecher that there was hope for dental redemption. The moment I walked into K&B I was greeted by courteous, professional reception staff, they quickly were able to record my personal, health and insurance information, they then seamlessly scheduled me to the equally pleasant and obviously qualified dental tech that examined and painlessly administered a cleaning procedure swiftly , but thoroughly. Following the cleaning the dentist herself did a review of the tech's findings as well as her own physical evaluation of my teeth. From there the dentist along with her assistant provided fillings where they were required, both were reassuring before during and after the procedure and alleviated any apprehension I may have had going in. The process was pain free, as non evasive as was possible and the dentist provided a level of expertise and knowledge of what she was performing that made this one of the, if not the most pleasant dental visits I have experienced. Completely satisfied and confident in Kimball and Beecher. Kudos to the entire staff , I will certainly be singing K&B's praises whenever a dental referral is part of the discussion.

-- william G

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