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Melissa G

Great school to have my child learn


Melissa enjoyed the experience with Kids USA Montessori Plano

Melissa G

Kendall gave Kids USA Montessori Plano an AWESOME Recommendation

Kendall I

I have loved working with KIDS USA! The staff has made me feel so welcomed and valued! My time here has been filled with so many loving and fun memories!

Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you Isabel! It is a pleasure to... Read More

I have loved working with KIDS USA! The staff has made me feel so welcomed and valued! My time here has been filled with so many loving and fun memories!

Isabel Leguizamo-

Best school in Plano, I love the teachers and the director (Maryam) at this centre. They are very caring and considerate meanwhile their only focus is learning.
I would highly recommend this school to everyone.♥️

Maryam SD

I’m very happy to work here as a teacher and employee Kids USA Montessori has become my family my director is the best she loves her employees and all the kids are like her own. Thank you mary for everything you do for the school and for us and the family’s.💕

Alondra Heredia

I cannot say enough good things about Kids USA. I spoke with Mary last year when we were in transition of moving back to the area, and she was so helpful every step of the way. My daughter has now been attending this school for over 6 months, and she loves it. The teachers are like family to us, and Miss Mary is simply amazing!!! They made us feel so much better about the transition of putting our baby girl into daycare for the first time at 6 months old. We are so thankful for Kids USA!

Blair VanSchuyver
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you so much for trusting us with your precious little girl. It is our pleasure having her and seeing her grow.

My grandson has been attending Kids USA for almost a year. The teachers and director are so open and friendly. They genuinely love their jobs and they love the kids. It shows because my grandson proudly walks to his class every morning and doesn't want to leave in the evenings when I pick him up.

Carolyn Green King

My daughter started here in 2013 under unfortunate circumstances but it was the best thing that could’ve happened for her. Sarah has had her since she was 3 and I can tell you that she is SO SO invested in my child’s development. By the age of 4 she was reading and now at the age of 5 she’s adding double digit math!

This school is more like family. The teachers are all so nice and helpful. All the kids socialize together and it’s just a beautiful place for kids.

I’ve recommended Kids USA to many friends who I... Read More

Jessica Wilson
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you so much for your review. I'm so glad you put your faith and trust in our school! Your daughter is a sweet-heart and we're so happy you and your child are apart of our family here at Kids USA.

I’m so happy that I found this place for my son.
They really know how to teach kids. My son has learned so many great things from them.
They are very responsible and nice.
The place has a really welcoming atmosphere for kids and parents.

Sara Pourmoradkohan
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you 🙏❤️

My 1st child and 1st daycare and I love it. I did plenty of research before choosing a daycare and I thank God I chose Kids USA. My daughter has learned so much and she loves her teachers.

Brittny Butler
LaKista R. Berry

My daughter has had an amazing time here! I really admire the cleanliness of this daycare and how organized they are. My child has been going here a little over a year and have learned so much! She is starting school and unfortunately will be leaving but I am confident that she is past prepared for elementary! I definitely recommend this daycare to anyone in the area. You will not be disappointed.

Voya Shan

Very good place for your kids. Would not take my kids any were else.

Thomas Cowat
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Whatever we do is from the bottom of our hearts!!! You are giving us your most precious loves so we treat them like our own!
Lubna Alhasan

My son has been going for nearly a year now and we love it! He started at 3 months and his love for the teachers was evident on. I love this school and have recommended it to numerous people.

Aislinn Lowrey

This is a super friendly child care with lots of learning and educational programs.
The teachers and the director are great with kids.

Heidi Keyvan

The director(Mrs Maryam)is the best.You can trust her.

Parisa Pakrad

Ms. Maryam and her wonderful ladies LOVE my grandchildren! The give each child personal attention, and are very in tune with the needs of the little ones! They are intent on teaching love and respect, as well as the educational basics, at which they excel. I HIGHLY recommend them to all parents who truly want the best for their children!

Greg Knapp
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: I'm so happy to hear that you and your family are happy. I'm so happy that we are able to have your grandchildren as part of our family here. Everything that we do here comes from my heart. I really love every child and every family that walks through our doors!

They are extremely wonderful with my baby. He really loves this place. I have no problem with him wanting to stay when l drop him off in the morning. He hates to leave. They don't mind you calling , they will send you pictures and FaceTime. Highly recommended!

Kenetra B
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you so much for your positive words Kenetra! We love having your son here and look forward to seeing his bright face every day! Everything we do here is from the bottom of our hearts and we love each and child that comes to our school.

Absolutly wonderful!! Ms. Mary and the staff are so sweet and kind. They go the extra mile to take care of your child. Ms. Mary understands a parents concern for their child and will even let you face time or request pictures or videos of your baby ANYTIME!!!

Iesha Odom
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you so much for your feedback! We always try to do our best to make sure all of our families feel loved. Each and every family and child is special to me and I'm very fortunate to be able to be with your children every day!
Voya Shan

I have 2 boys. My oldest has been with Ms Maryam since he was 6 mnths and my youngest has been here since he was old enough for childcare. We consider them family. They currently attend the 2nd location on W 15th street. That one is directed by Ms. Mary's sister, Ms. Kara. Kids USA Montessori 2 opens at 6:30am and closes at 6:30pm. I have flex hours so this is perfect for my schedule if I need to go into to work early or stay late. I also try to be involved in every activity they do for the children. They are very... Read More

Julia Haywood
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thank you so much for giving 5 stars !!!
Nu Jac

My Granddaughter attends school at Kids USA. While she is in attendance there she is well cared for and stimulated in in her day to day curriculum. Often times she is having such a good time she is unwilling to leave when I come and pick her up. I find that the teachers at Kids USA are enthusiastic, engaged and passionate about giving all the children (including my Granddaughter) the best care possible.
Michael Brown

Michael Brown
Kids USA Montessori Plano Replied: Thanks for having your grandaughter with us . We love her so much .

My daughter has been attending this wonderful school for almost a year now and it has been a Great experience! My daughter had attended two other schools before this one and not only where they more expensive but they didnt teach her half much as she has learned at Kids USA. Not only her speech and learning has improved but her manners have gotten a lot better:) a very special shout out to teachers Mrs Lubna Lodi, Ikram Elbouhssini and Rozi (they are so very gifted when educating your children) Mrs. Maryam... Read More

T. Williams

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