Kids Junction

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Kids Junction has been a “home away from home” for both of our children for the last eleven years. I especially appreciate the variety in the Summer Camp activities they offer: bi-weekly trips to the swimming pool, memorable field trips, tumbling and games with friends in the park. Their schedule makes sure my kids are out enjoying the summer sun and fun instead of being stuck inside!

Kimberly Johnston gave Kids Junction Learning Center a 5 star review

I love that Kids Junction has a lot of fun exciting field trips and activities that keeps my son busy all summer. He's excited to come back again this summer.

Tomika Wallace gave Kids Junction Learning Center a 5 star review

We've been sending our 2 kids to Kids Junction for about 6 months now and have been nothing but impressed with the quality of care, organization, friendliness of staff and everything else there! It's been a great experience and our kids love it!

Lucas Wagner gave Kids Junction Learning Center a 5 star review

Very pleased with this daycare! Came from a Daycare in Waunakee (Leap Academy) That I LOVED, so had very high expectations. Tried out a different Daycare at first off Deming Way (Pooh Bear) and did not like it at all, and withdrew my kids after 2 weeks. So scrambling to find a place that had an opening soon, I went to Kids Junction-they had openings coming up shortly. From a very particular moms perspective- yayy cameras! I am huge on there being camera's. You have my most precious cargo, i want to know everything is okay. -They have these cool little "forts" in each room, that the kids get to play in and have fun with. They are able to play on a grassy area outside, a playground, the gym, and take walks. I love that they are just outside all the time and not coped up indoors if its nice out. -They utilize the TadPole system, which sends out emails of pictures of some cool activity your child was doing today. -The teachers are nice! They say hello to you, look like the enjoy their job, and don't look crabby even though they have 10 crazy kids running around! That's huge, you want your kids somewhere, where the teachers and the kids around are happy. -The school is very diverse- you aren't going to find the cookie cutter just all one ethnicity school, which is awesome, I want my kids to be friends with everyone, and to learn from all as well. -The food sounds good, and smells good! They seem to have 2-3? Chef's on staff all day long cooking in the kitchen to make the kids food. -My daughter tells me that Mom you can pick me up a 5 today, not please pick me up early, but yeah wait til the end of the day because i am having fun. -They also do a 529 tuition discount, which is great! Pushes you to save for your kids education, then receive the tuition discount. Over all I am so happy I chose to send my kids here! They are happy, well cared for, and learning lots!

Stacia McCarn gave Kids Junction Learning Center a 5 star review

YES! We lived on Schroeder Road when we began our search for a clean, professional day care school and we found that and so much more here. Cheryl, Deb and... more

Chad L. gave Kids Junction Learning Center a 5 star review
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