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Monik LOVED Kambo Tulum

Monik M

Jade LOVED Kambo Tulum

Jade D

Colin enjoyed the experience with Kambo Tulum

Colin B

Juliana had a great experience with Kambo Tulum

Juliana B

Lori Highly Recommends Kambo Tulum to their friends & family!

Lori L

Kambo Tulum got a great recommendation by Ligad

Ligad S

Working with Indhi is pure Magic. I highly recommend the medicine of Kambo, but even more, to experience it with Indhi. She not only embodies the most divine feminine energy, she is patient, kind, knowledgeable and extremely experienced and has a strong connection to Kambo. Indhi holds such beautiful space for me while working through the process and knows exactly the music my soul needs to hear while the Kambo moves through my mind, body and soul. Every time I leave this experience I walk away with seeing what I need to see, feeling what I need to feel and healing what I need to heal.

Amina Cordano
Kambo Tulum Replied: Amina darling, your love and radiance is felt. I love you so much. Thank you for trusting me to serve your niece as well. It's the best feeling in the world when I serve families. Thank you also for spreading the word and sending people my way. Come back to Tulum soon please. Grateful to have met you. Divine alignment indeed.

Amina LOVED Kambo Tulum

Amina C

Aaron had a great experience with Kambo Tulum

Aaron P
Akal Anand Kaur
Kambo Tulum Replied: Thank you, Akal. I look forward to 👂 ng more about your transformations. You are loved

I’ve met many kambo practitioners and my experience with Indhi is still the smoothest, clearest and most precise journey I have ever taken. It nourished me on so many levels. I love her super attention to details, from the way she clears and consecrates the space to her sensitive energy and her ca... See More


Hello! It was nice. I enjoyed it :)) if you can express about kambo experience with these words :))
In my past I used to have a traumatic kambo session with panic and anxiety attack so I loved the gentle approach which I met with Kambo Tulum. It was a lot about communication and slow build up, dot after dot. While I was able to dive deep into cleansing, all the time I felt safe and well held. This is a very femenine way of taking detoxing medicine and I love it!

Anastasia Sokolova
Kambo Tulum Replied: Anastasia, I remember clearly your hesitance at first. Thank you for your trust. Yes there is no need to work with kambo aggressively at all. Happy you rebuilt your relationship to frog medicine. Sending you love and blessings

I had a great experience.. her place and supportive atmosphere she creates was excellent.. I'm an intuitive person and I like to do things my way.. she handled it all very well without getting her ego involved, making me feel safe connected to myself as well as being supported by the safety protocols she had in place. I very much appreciated her open minded attitude.

Karey B. Shaffer
Kambo Tulum Replied: Thank Karey for your trust. I'm happy you eased into the experiences and allowed Kambo to work through you, and that you felt connected to yourself

I truly loved my experience with Indhi! She has a profound understanding of Kambo and was a wonderful practitioner and guide. Together we did three ceremonies and will be doing more in the coming months. I am so grateful to encounter such a beautiful soul and Kambo healer!

Christina Zayas
Kambo Tulum Replied: Thank you, Christina. It's been nice supporting you in your process. I'm always here for you

Kambo Tulum got a great recommendation by Geo

Geo K

I have had 7 sessions with Indhi. She is truly amazing at what she does. I love her energy and she is very attentive and pays great attention to detail. I have noticed such significant changes in my life as a result of our sessions and I am forever grateful!

Brianna Harting
Kambo Tulum Replied: Thank you Brianna, I hope to hear more about your significant changes!!

Kambo Tulum got a great recommendation by Brianna

Brianna H

Deanna is very excited to recommend Kambo Tulum

Deanna R

I did a three day warrior ceremony with Indhi and it was a wonderful experience. Her home is beautiful and she makes the experience feel very safe! She’s also a gem of a human so that helps!

Kristina Kuleshoff
Kambo Tulum Replied: Thank you, Kristina. You're quite the gem of a human yourself. Hope we cross paths again

Shaunie suggests you use Kambo Tulum

Shaunie W

It was my first time kambo and Indhi was very sweet and comforting! Loved the experience and felt clear and stronger afterwards. Definitely go to Indhi if you’re around! :)

Ello Y
Kambo Tulum Replied: So sweet, thank you. A pleasure to be of service always. Viva medicinal!!

Elleke LOVED Kambo Tulum

Elleke D

Indhi is pure magic. She was gentle, informative, and very professional. The whole experience was very rewarding and I felt the medicine working through my problem areas directly.

Highly recommend Indhi and her medicine!

Manny Manvel Avetisyan

I highly recommend Indhi for Kambo service. She was friendly and coached me through my process. I will definitely sit with her again next time I am in Tulum.

Jeff Campbell
Kambo Tulum Replied: Thank you Jeff, for your trust. I'm happy to have broken your cherry 😉

I was so scared to do Kambo - but as soon as I got to Tulum I felt the call. I almost cancelled my first session with Indhi, but as soon as I heard her voice I felt relief and excitement. She is an Angel, brings so much love and nurturing to this journey. There’s no one else I’d rather do it with! I’m so grateful for her nurturing, grounded presence & her beautiful divine wisdom. Indhi is a potent medicine woman, if you feel called to Kambo - she’s the very best!

Kate Harlow
Anna Majbro

Kambo Tulum got a great recommendation by Anna

Anna M

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