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As a teacher and a very picky new mom I am here to tell you that this place is a MUST SEE! My husband and I can not say enough about how much we love Just Imagine Academy. My daughter just recently started here and I can not begin describe how incredibly happy we are with the care that she is receiving. I have searched and toured many daycares and schools in the area and I have not found any other place with such a warm, caring and beautiful environment. The building that the day care is in is a commercial building set all the way back away from the business of main street. This is something that I truly appreciate. Being a teacher myself I am constantly worried about the security of a building. Having this daycare facility a little off the main road and in an office building makes me feel like my daughter is safely tucked away in her school having a great time. Once you get up to the day care the first you thing you will notice is that everything is extremely clean. The staff takes excellent care to clean everyday and there is not even a hint of a dirty diaper smell. The rooms are spacious and tailored to the age group that it holds with plenty of toys, learning centers and activities to keep the children busy. The facility has many windows and is extremely bright and there is a cute play area outside. My daughter is an exclusively breastfed baby. She likes to snuggle and is very much a "Mama's Girl". I was so worried about the transition to daycare. When we began (about a month ago) my baby was barely able to take a bottle! The thought of leaving my daughter with out an easy way to eat and knowing that she only naps well when I am around made me so anxious. The director and teaching staff really worked to meet my needs. They made sure that I was comfortable leaving her there and even gave me the encouragement I needed as a new mom to realize that my baby and I would make it through this transition. Since then my daughter takes bottles like a complete champion and just today she took over a two hour nap! She would not be doing this if she did not feel comfortable being there. The staff has taken the time to get my daughter used to her new surroundings by working with her with the bottle and giving her all of the extra snuggles that she needed. I am so thankful that I have found a place where I know my daughter is not only learning but being comforted and loved in my absence!

Meghan Polanin gave Just Imagine Academy a 5 star review

My son has been attending Just Imagine Academy for the past month. It has been a great experience for him. My son is 4 years old and is the Pre-K class. The class is small and gets lots of individualized attention from his teacher (who is absolutely wonderful). He had some issues with potty training before and I already see huge progress, and I believe it is due to the great staff working with him. They also use a program called baby connect, where I can log on daily and read small reports from his teacher regarding his day. This feature has been great, especially while at work and wondering how my little is doing. I am extremely pleased with their work and would recommend them to anyone with a child, looking for great childcare.

nabetsy castillo gave Just Imagine Academy a 5 star review

My 2-year old daughter has been attending Just Imagine since March, and I could not be happier. She had previously been at another center; there was nothing wrong with it, but it was not a great fit for our family, and my daughter seemed to get lost in the sea of children. By comparison, the small classroom sizes and phenomenal student-to-teach ratios at Just Imagine mean that she always gets lots of attention. The staff, including the Director, is wonderful. They all seem to genuinely love their jobs and enjoy interacting with the children. As a previous review mentions, the center uses BabyConnect, which allows parents to keep track of what the kids are up to during the day. I appreciate knowing in real-time if my daughter has eaten what we packed for lunch and how long she has napped. In addition, whenever I pick up my daughter, the staff is always happy to spend time with me to talk about how she is doing. Even on the days when I am the last one to pick up, I have never felt that anyone was rushing us out the door so that they could get home. The Director has also been very accommodating with our family’s schedule, which has been an enormous help when coordinating with work. Another plus for our bi-lingual family is that several members of the staff speak Spanish, and so my daughter gets in some practice at school too. But perhaps most importantly, my daughter is happy there. In 8 months of attending, she has cried only once when she has been dropped off. Sometimes when I pick her up, she is having so much fun that she doesn’t want to leave. Often at night or over the weekends, she will spontaneously tell me “I love Miss Stacy” or that another child is “my best friend.” As a parent who feels more than a little guilt at leaving her child to go to work, it provides peace of mind to know that she is in good hands when I cannot be there. I would enthusiastically recommend Just Imagine to anyone looking for child care.

Gabrielle Osorio gave Just Imagine Academy a 5 star review

Great staff and environment for the children. A place I highly recommend in the little falls area its a perfect place.I'm happy my kids are happy!

Maria Palmieri gave Just Imagine Academy a 5 star review

I have been satisfied with the daycare and I know that my daughter is safe when she is there. The Director, Stacy, takes great care of the children and it... more

Lynn G. gave Just Imagine Academy a 5 star review
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