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538A Murray Road Preston
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I recommended this clinic to anyone who is serious about complete healing physically and emotionally. Shermaine has an amazing capacity of working out what the problem is before me. She has helped me with a serious back injury, better health from previous procedures and emotionally support for my ne... See More


Great informative workshop 👍... See More


I was actually intrigued by the TRE, I felt relaxed after this session and I actually downloaded more information to understand it a bit more.
Thanks for allowing me to participate.... See More

Dr Shermain Wong really targeted the root cause of my issues, and after I received positive advice, therapy and exercises, I definitely saw an improvement in my condition. The constructive advice regarding continuing sport and music really assisted in relieving anxiety and concern. The treatment seemed more holistic and effective than I'd previously received elsewhere from GPs and physios, which I think really helped.

Matthew B gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

It was suggested I went to the clinic to fix up a movement pattern. I was treated and given exercises to help fix me up - end result being great improvement for me! Now whenever I have a niggle I head here for treatment and in my experience have walked out much better than I walked in :-)

Zoe Gaylard gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

Dr Shermaine Wong have a wonderful clinic. Therapists and staff are nice and knowledgeable. Dr Wong helped me so much by appropriate treatment and exercises. Easy to access with the public transports. I highly recommend this place

Ge Nou gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

Amazing practice! I went in thinking I had a hamstring injury but I was totally wrong about it! It was a jammed SI joint! I'm glad I went in to get an assessment and get it fixed. So happy to also hear that I can return to training immediately! I was also advised and given some rehab exercises to do.

Lingy Oh gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

Extremely knowledgeable and informative when really trying to understand the basis of my particular injuries, the treatment involved and also the rehabilitation. Great practitioners with great treatment techniques who i have found have helped me progress with my particular injuries and rehab each time i visit

Michael Telac gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review
Natalie Potter Recommends Jurmaine Health

Jurmaine Health actually fixes your body.. this is not one of those practices that have you coming back month after month without any real progress. I had sciatica for 23 years and hadnt slept well for 5 months - within 1 session I felt a difference, within 5 sessions I was fixed. I'm maintained with exercises that keep me under control. Thank you Jurmaine Health - real results finally!!!

7 months ago
Stefano Stefano gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

After a period of time with unexplained pains, various symptoms and temporary relief treatments, thanks to Jurmaine health I'm finally back in track

2 years ago
Wong Li Si gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

Visited Jurmaine for a badly sprained ankle. I find that she is attentive to details and take time to understand your body to find the root cause of the injury. Dispensed great advice and strengthening exercises. I was up and playing sports within few days! Would strongly recommend Jurmaine !

3 years ago
Daniel Kovacic gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review
3 years ago
Nicole Martina gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review

I have been to see so many doctors, physios, sports medicine specialists and no one has been able to tell me whats wrong with me. One session with Jurmaine and she knew exactly what was going on. I feel hope again!

3 years ago
Brett Hanley gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review
3 years ago
Costa Symeonidis gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review
3 years ago
Ouda Khammy gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review
3 years ago
Shae Joy gave Jurmaine Health a 5 star review
3 years ago
Kathryn Lynch gave Jurmaine Health a 4 star review
5 years ago

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