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My whole family is having great results with Dr. Julie, it does matter what doctor you choose, after we started seeing her our health has improve tremendously, the treatments she recommend are very effective because she treats the causes of the problem not the symptoms as most regular MD would.

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Competent, honest, cares. What else do you need? Combine thoroughness with a willingness to address issues most GPs would brush off as inconsequential, add in experience dealing with similar cases and confidence in care methods, and you're left with a lot of hope. Definitely recommend for guidance a... See More


I’m so thankful to have an alternative choice in the medical world. Couldn’t ask for a better Doctor to trust with my body. She teaches me something new every time we have an appointment. I’m feeling a lot better than when I started seeing her months ago.


I love Dr. Lachman because she’s so informative, very much in tuned with her patients. I’m pleased with my decision work a homeopathic doctor like Dr. Lachman.



I’m seeing Dr Julie since August 2019 for my daughter. I’m glad one of my friend suggested me to see her. I feel so confident with her plans, slowly and steadily my daughter is improving. She works on the root cause with a definite plan. I strongly recommend her. Not to miss the wonderful staff. Thank you very much !!...

Anamika Choudhary recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

She is to the point n very observant she also takes her time to explain the reasons behind your symptoms you r experiencing. I feel very confident that with her help n understanding you can overcome your illness or whatever problem u may be experiencing at the time! She is a excellent holistic docto... See More


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Joanne A gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Rating

got a great recommendation by Gerry

Gerry S gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Rating

Stacy Strongly Recommends

Stacy B gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Rating

Ms Julie truly cares about the patients and treat them all individually. We had great gain with my child and I am so grateful for Ms Julie.


Excellent demeanor, I had a bladder issue for years, Dr Lachman helped me and now my bladder is working fine! I’m thrilled, a few years back I had terrible gastritis, she also helped with that and now I’m fine. I highly recommend her!


Dr Lachman has been seeing my son for a few months and we have seen very positive things happening. He is more aware and responsive. We believe that soon he will be conversational because speech is definitely coming in....

Erica Monsanto Lopez gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Review on Google
Julie Lachman, ND LLC Replied: Thank you - we are so happy to be working with your family!


Erica M gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Rating

Highly recommend Dr. Lachman, her knowledge about health & wellness becomes obvious when you visit her, because she looks for the root cause of your problems and treats that and not the symptoms.
The staff is very friendly as well....

Wellington Baez recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

Dr. Lachman and her team are exceptional healthcare givers. Their wealth of knowledge and concern for me and my health is extraordinary. I am so relieved and grateful to find Dr Lachman as traditional medications were making me sicker. I can already see a brighter, less depressing future with thei... See More


Debbie enjoyed the experience with

Debbie B gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Rating

I feel better than I have in a long time thanks to Dr. Lachman! I highly recommend her.


Dr. Julie Lachman has been amazing. She has already taught us so much and has helped my son and our family in the short amount of time we’ve been with her. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for my son thanks to Julie.


I came to see Dr. Julie Lachman for a bunch of issues and she has looked deep into what has been going on and has found a remedy for everything (even something I didn’t know) that I need to correct. It is amazing! Finally with her teaching I will be the healthy person that I always wanted to be. This is real medicine not pHARMa. I feel blessed that I was brought here and able to be in her care. ❤️❤️❤️...

Alix Paul recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

My son is currently being treated by Dr Lachman for a variety of behaviors. we have been in her care for a few months now and I find that she has a true naturalistic personalized approach, not the cookie cutter one. I really trust dr Lachman and I am seeking results. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a child on the spectrum or with behavioral problems....

Barbara Chiodo recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

Dr. Lachman has been phenomenal I initially walked in to her office to treat one issue and discovered a myriad of things that were affecting me that would have gone unnoticed if it wasn't for her expertise. I am now on the road to recovery in more ways than one.


Dr. Lachman is an amazing, extremely knowledgeable practitioner! I highly recommend!...

David Fleischer gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Review on Google

Everyone at this office is amazing and really caring. Dr Lachman has an incredible knowledge of health and wellness. She is saving our daughter's life! We highly recommend her to everyone!...

Loretta Allen Montgomery recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

Connie gave an AWESOME Recommendation

Connie M gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Rating

Julie is attentive, organized, detailed, and always knowledgeable in her sessions. If you've ever felt like a doctor has rushed through your appointment, or treated you like a number, this is the solution. Dr. Lachman will sit with you and explain your protocol thoroughly, and make you feel seen and heard. She is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommend!...

Nicole Roche recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

Dr Lachman is very thorough and makes sure she really listens to your needs. She has helped me with my psoriasis without having to take a bunch of medications, which is so important to me. She is a 5 star Dr.:)...

Jennifer Guthrie Dillard recommends Julie Lachman, ND LLC on Facebook

We’ve had our initial intake with Dr. Lachman for both of our boys. Things that I absolutely appreciate about Dr. Lachman and her staff include promptness in responding to emails, clear communication, organization, user friendly documentation of medical history and ease of ordering and reviewing prescriptions on the portal. Dr. Lachman listens carefully and it is clear to see from her thoughtful questions and comments that she is analyzing all information and symptoms to develop the best plan for our children....

Heather snyder gave Julie Lachman, ND LLC a 5 star Review on Google
Julie Lachman, ND LLC Replied: Thank you for your review, Heather! We look forward to continue working with your family.

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Dr. Julie is amazing! She is caring, attentive and asks good, probing questions to try to get to the root of the problem. In my case, she is helping me with... more

Paulina G. gave Julie Lachman, ND a 5 star review

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