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We got our start in real estate investing through Ron LeGrand back in April of 2016. We got 6 properties under contract that year and the next, 3 of which were sandwich lease options. So far, we’ve only had 1 of our tenant buyers “graduate” from our program and actually purchase the home. The other 2 are currently vacant and we’re in the process of fixing them up and selling them in order to concentrate on nicer homes in better areas to eliminate the problems we’ve had with lease options.

I found Joe McCall through the Creative Finance Lab. We knew Matt Theriault from REI Blackbook bootcamp. Since we had already done several lease options and really like the concept, I bought Joe’s Simple Lease Options course back in January of this year. Because I was still working full time and had other marketing going on as well, I wasn’t able to immerse myself as fully as I would have liked at that time but I saw the value in what Joe was teaching and knew that we could learn a lot from him to improve our systems and processes in the area of lease options.

What I really like about the way Joe teaches is that he thoroughly explains and demonstrates what he’s communicating. Other teachers are vague and other courses give you just enough information to get you to buy another course that will then supposedly teach you everything you need to know and give you the forms and resources to be successful. Joe’s course is laid out in a very sensible and straightforward way, and includes so many helpful resources for a very fair price.

I also like the incentive he gives of refunding the cost of the course when you complete it. Joe really does want us to succeed and have the opportunity to change our lives through the vehicle of real estate investing. That’s so refreshing. This was a very good investment!

-- Marie S

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