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My wife and I want to thank Jim and The Freedom Investment Group for providing the opportunity to help us out with the sale of our home. We wanted to sell and have gone through a few local options and realtors. We updated and maintained our home for over a year and even reduced our selling price. We were growing our family and needed to get more help finding a new buyer. After looking for a company to buy our home we were informed about The Freedom Group. This one call was the answer to our questions.

I spoke with Jim, and right away the connections and communication back and forth was quick and informative. We were in direct contact with help and answers. Jim and I were able to work out details on our home, get it listed on their activity site and show our home within a month or two. I was surprised how soon I got a call back on a new hopeful buyer. There were actually two local families interested in way to get out of their current homes. The first family loved the location and said the neighborhood was so much better than what they had. They wanted the home right away.

In the communications with Jim and team they said they would take care of the house, the details or new residents and the paperwork for the transactions. They did all of this very well and quicker than I thought. Maybe it was all a just the right time. We were able to relax a bit knowing that a good family was living in our old home and also working with The Freedom Group to get their lives back on track.

I have still been in contact with Jim through the year on the full sale of our old home. During this time their team has worked out any other details with the home and the other family. All the monthly bank transfers were automatic and on time every month. When our home sale gets close to finalization my wife and I will again be working closely with their team on the details. With this process our family has been at ease and been able to focus on the future. I’m sure the other family has been doing the same as well.

Thank you to Jim and The Freedom Group for all the help with the sale of our home.

-- Judd E

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