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Like a lot of people I have both a day job and a night job. My day job is in the real estate industry. My night job is as an author. I have three books in print and a fourth on the way. After decades of effort, I am losing interest in real estate related activities. I’ve been pondering at length how to make my night job my day job. Why? Because I truly love working with ideas. I enjoy writing. With that inquiry in mind, I recently attended Jill Lublin’s Publicity Crash Course.

I am very happy to report that the benefit I received from this class outweighed its cost by many levels of magnitude. In short, Jill facilitated an epiphany for me. Prior to this class I had been unable to identify the common thread that runs through my first three books. Almost in a flash, about two thirds through her presentation I had an experience that was not just intellectual. It was visceral, I felt it in my bones.

I indentified the common thread that runs through everything I am writing. I realized what it is that I am passionate about. I received a new level of inspiration about the direction my current book is taking. I identified my message. It’s now two days after the class and I'm having trouble writing it all down fast enough. Jill, I can’t thank you enough. I signed up for the next class today.

Best regards,
Bill Joseph

-- Bill J

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