JesterZ Improv

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1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114
Mesa, Arizona 85201
United States

Family and bridal-tribe worthy entertainment! Definitely will be returning with more family and friends! ... See More


This was such a fun night! Loved the creativity of all! The host was amazing and actors were so quick on improvising!!! Highly reccomend. Plus. All was clean humor.... See More


Going to JESTERZ is like getting permission to be a kid again for a short time. When you attend a show you don't think about your bills, your workload, politics or anything but the creativity and imagination of the players and controlling your belly laughs. When I leave a show, I am free to look at ... See More


Jester'Z is a fun, family friendly venue, always good for a laugh.... See More


I have been taking classes at Jesterz for the last 2 years. My goals in taking classes are not to perform on the stage, but to improve my confidence and ability to think faster on my feet. The classes have helped me to do that. In addition, I have made great friends, increased my creativity, and ... See More


It's so much fun!!! The best place to laugh with my friends.... See More


JesterZ is a great place for everyone! Great laughs and always a great time. My only thing is they changed it from two shows Friday’s and Saturdays to only one show. A bit of a bummer but all in all still great! I’ve thought about signing up for there classes. ... See More


JesterZ was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life! I died laughing! I also went to an improv class and thought is was exceptional! Great for aspriring young performers!... See More


There is no better place for Clean, interactive comedy than JesterZ! It's a local gig that has proved time and time again their exemplar purpose. Clean Comedy proves that it is possible to laugh across all ages, not just 'adult' material for Adults and 'Kid Friendly' programs for kids. Thank you for... See More


I had lots of fun in the class and learned a lot of life lessons. I'm glad I could be part of the JesterZ teen classes. It was great working with the other teens in each class I took. Just wish they had more.... See More

It was really good quality fun. They have to keep things family friendly and because of that they get pretty clever. We had a really good cast who each held their own comedic weight and we loved the games they picked. It felt fine tuned and was a joy to watch. They also are really good at how they ask for suggestions. If you are thinking of going the answer is yes. And if you went in the past when they were in Scottsdale be prepared to be blown by how much they improved and how great their venue is.

Cicely Lawson gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

I absolutely LOVED coming here. The comedians are so extremely talented. I was particularly impressed with their ability to leave me in stitches without ever once being vulgar or profane. I want to come back here often and bring anyone I can!

Cullen Black gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

We have been twice and laughed out heads off through a 2 hour improv. The JesterZ are simply brilliant at times, quick on their feet, and the MC keep the crowd engaged and constantly participating. Best of all it is clean, family friendly humor, great for families and a night out.

Alan Lambert gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review
Victor Allison Recommends JesterZ Improv

Jesterz shows are hilarious. That guy Jef is pretty funny too!

1 week ago
Sean Cubberley Recommends JesterZ Improv

Good clean family fun. We will be visiting again. It was basically non-stop laughing.

4 weeks ago
Alaina Passey Beck Recommends JesterZ Improv

My husband and I took our kids... they can’t wait to go back! Thank you Jesterz! XO

1 month ago
Becky Villarreal Jones Recommends JesterZ Improv

Such a fun night!!!! We laughed and laughed! Great clean comedy and super funny comedians! Thanks for a great night!

2 months ago
Kristinya Thomas Recommends JesterZ Improv

entertaining, clean comedy for the whole family.

2 months ago
William Graves Recommends JesterZ Improv

Went there last night on date with my wife had a great time. This was our fourth time and enjoyed it. If you are looking for good family entertainment check it out. #Jesters#Special Sauce# Great fun

2 months ago
Traci Wilkins Hart Recommends JesterZ Improv

These people are way talented!! Especially Jaymie!!!!

3 months ago
Denise Heinke Recommends JesterZ Improv

No better way to celebrate than to be at Jesterz for a 12th birthday kid! Hilarious, engaging, spontaneous and fun the way fun should be! Thank you Team Jesterz for a memorable night and we will be back!!!

4 months ago
Jean Zint Recommends JesterZ Improv

They did a show for our church tonight. Laughed so hard I cried.

4 months ago
Brieann Zachman Recommends JesterZ Improv

oh my goodness what an amazing show and I even got to be a part of it it was great fun I recommend it for others of all ages

5 months ago
Jessica Adams Recommends JesterZ Improv

Hilarious! I had a great time. Good clean humor.

5 months ago
NickandLisa Adamson Recommends JesterZ Improv

We had an amazing time with lots of laughs! Loved the variety of the acts and how the audience was completely involved. You could tell all of the performers love what they do. I appreciated that everything was family friendly and all-ages appropriate. We will definitely be coming back! Great price, they give you concessions for free if you subscribe to their social media, and the length of the show was absolutely perfect! Thank you Jesterz for an amazing evening!

5 months ago
Kathryn Koenig gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

JesterZ is a fantastic place to go with friends and family of all ages! The shows are funny, creative, and varied; it’s never the same material twice. You can participate by offering ideas which are incorporated into the show, or you can just sit back and laugh. It’s a fun night out!

7 months ago
Alex Ruelas Recommends JesterZ Improv

it was so funny I love the show I recommend it for all ages it made me laugh so hard I was crying

7 months ago
Tiffany Covell gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

Great place. Went to the show tonight and it was simply fabulous. �

8 months ago
Joe Andersen gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

Really fun! Always fun, actually.

8 months ago
Levi Roberts gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review
9 months ago
Lisa Daidone gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

Great place for a date night, girls night, family night. Clean humor. Great cast every time. I’ve been several times in the past 10 years and I come away hurting from laughing so hard. Love it.

9 months ago
Jennifer Larrison gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review
11 months ago
Phillip Baker gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

Thank you so much for making my daughter's birthday so special. You guys are great and I love that it is so different every time we come.

11 months ago
Ann Brigandi Engle gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

It was as great!!! The cast was very talented and we’ll definitely be back �

1 year ago
Beth Block gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

This place rocks! The atmoshere is great and the performers are excellent. Definitely recommend checking this out! I’ll be going back multiple times! 😃

1 year ago
Heather Lynn gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

Had suck a great time tonight. Thank you to Kristina and Zach for making me laugh the whole time.

1 year ago
Patrick Brooks gave JesterZ Improv a 4 star review
1 year ago
Sarah Gregory Williams gave JesterZ Improv a 5 star review

Dying laughing!! So fun & great for all ages! Audience participation makes it even better

1 year ago

My first time to an improv and I was skeptical. I don't find it funny to make fun of people and those comedienes who resort to excessive profanity and dirty... more

Chris G. gave JesterZ Improv Comedy a 5 star review

Wow, what a great cast this place has! The show was hilarious, very interactive with the audience. From walking in the front doors to finding my seat, I was... more

Melissa N. gave JesterZ Improv Comedy a 5 star review

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