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Melissa Wilkinson Moake Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

They were very thorough in their inspection and knowledgeable about homes with what was normal and what wasn't. They took the time to explain everything and were approachable when we had questions. We had more questions the day after the inspection; they allowed us to call them and they answered all of those questions too.

3 weeks ago
Dee Johanson Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Amazing service!! This company has very customer service and they do a great job inspecting. Thank you!!

3 weeks ago
Darren Watson Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

I've worked with J-Pro for years. They always do an excellent job.

4 weeks ago
Charisse Carpenter Walker Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

They have always been very thorough with my clients and the homes. They are honest and take time to inspect the home.

1 month ago
John Thomas Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

J-Pro was very professional yet personable. The inspectors gave sound advice without interjecting personal opinion.

1 month ago
JoAnn Featherstone Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Dean and his team are very knowable. They provide a great service. Their professionalism makes us all look good!

2 months ago
Jace Riley Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Dean was very professional and treated the situation as though he were buying the house for himself. I recommend him.

2 months ago
Ryan Tafoya Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Great work. love these guys!

2 months ago
James A. Smith Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Scheduled with us on short notice. They were polite, professional and courteous. Explained things to us without sounding irritated upset or inconvenienced when we asked them to repeat something or for a more detailed answer. Made my wife and I comfortable with the whole process. Would recommend their services to my kids when they need it.

3 months ago
Katrina Lyon Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Dean & Carol are the best! I know my clients are always in good hands when they are on the job!!! Not only great business but great friends! Thanks!!!!

3 months ago
Courtney Brooks Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

For anyone needing a home inspection, I highly recommend J-Pro inspects! They are fast, detail oriented, and very open and honest about any concerns that they had about the house. We really enjoyed working with them! Thank you!

3 months ago
William Lyman Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

They've always done a good job for my clients.

4 months ago
Joseph Bushman Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

J-Pro instection was very thorough and gave my confidence in having information to be able to have confidence in my home purchase.

5 months ago
Conner Wesley Mortensen Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Very thorough, detailed, and professional. I could probably only catch 60% of what they did and I'm a professional in the construction industry. Very high recommendation! The report they send after is very helpful and reassuring I won't forget even the smallest detail.

6 months ago
Natalie Syphus Herrera Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

I have nothing but great things to say about J-Pro. They have always been professional and go into depth with my clients when we do the walk through. I know that I can trust them and will always refer them to my clients. :)

6 months ago
Ron Goforth Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

Dean at J-Pro was thorough and professional. Made us aware of literally everything that was or may be a concern. Have full confidence in purchasing this home after his inspection. Highly recommend!

6 months ago
Chantel Brenna Hall Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

I had a great experience with J-Pro! I am a first-time buyer, and Dean was very thorough and answered all of the questions I had. He explained everything really well and gave me his honest opinion as a professional. I was really happy with the service, and I will use them again if I am ever buying another home!

6 months ago
Ricky Sandoval Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

definitely would recommend using j-pro. very professional and very detailed for my new home. appreciate it very much!!!

6 months ago
Kayla Gwilliam Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

J-pro provided the most in depth inspection for my clients. the walkthrough they do with the clients after the inspection was perfect. They took the time to answer all of their questions and concerns!

7 months ago
Brenn Wilkinson Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

The most professional, thorough inspectors I've ever used.

7 months ago
Ingrid Rodriguez Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

they are the best honest and made experience pleasent !!!

7 months ago
Bill Leach Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

I have used J-Pro Inspects LLC on homes that I have purchased as well as rental properties. They are very thorough, and because of that thoroughness I have been able to make the most accurate decisions on whether to purchase a home or rental property, and the correct offer price. In addition to being very thorough and exhaustive in their Inspection Report, they are wonderful people. I will do business with them again in the future!

7 months ago
Coco Zuniga Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

1st off, after putting a house under contract last Saturday and calling 5 other inspectors, Carol was the 1st one to answer the phone. With tight due diligence deadlines we needed an inspection scheduled quickly and they were able to do that for us. Dean was very professional and explained things very well for my client, with a little humor thrown in there as well :) They were very thoughtful with little gifts both for me and my client, which I was surprised, because that's the 1st time that has ever happened! Unfortunately, the gas wasn't turned on in the unit, so he offered to go back later in the day to finish inspecting the items that needed gas. He went back not once, but TWICE to find that the gas was now on and he could finish his inspection. Normally when that happens he has an extra charge, but he was kind enough to waive that charge - now THAT is service!!! I will definitely be doing business with Carol and Dean in the future!

8 months ago
Valerie Beagley gave J – Pro Inspects, LLC a 5 star review

They are AMAZING! Very detailed in there inspection. I would use them again for sure!

9 months ago
Rick Whiteside Recommends J – Pro Inspects, LLC

They were very detailed and complete with their inspection.

9 months ago

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