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Kimberly Pruitt-Zachery
Jackson Child Care Replied: Dear Ms. Zachery, you are such an encourager! We are incredibly grateful that you took the time to leave us this 5-star rating. Your rating is a valuable contribution to the community of parents in search of our high-quality full-service childcare. We are here to serve. Thank you!

Our two children have been with Ms. Jackson at Jackson Child Care for over 2 years and by far it has been the best decision we made for our family! She is more than a childcare provider; she is a partner in the upbringing of our children and their development. She is truly a gem! There is reason why she is recognized throughout the state of VA, with many awards and used as an example for programs, such as CACFP.

Ms. Jackson provides a home environment that is warm, comfortable and a nurturing place to play a... Read More

Joo Yi
Jackson Child Care Replied: Dear Ms. Joo, Thank you for investing the time to provide the community with this detailed review. It is an accurate description of the who, what, and why behind Jackson Child Care's existence. Thanks for caring to share your experiences. We are hopeful it would attract more families like yours that will allow us to continue this work.

Ms. Jackson is a high quality professional who has been an invaluable partner in our daughter's development. Ms. Jackson runs her program according to all the appropriate state and local requirements as well as designing a curriculum that's informed by industry best practices. She is constantly learning and educating herself to be the best provider she can be.

My daughter is extremely willful and can be quite the handful. We worked with Ms. Jackson on her development and took her feedback into consideration with... Read More

Kristoffer Hull
Jackson Child Care Replied: Dear Mr. Hull, Thank you for sharing this encouraging review. Your family allows me to grow to my fullest potential. In return, I take advantage of this opportunity, and in return, I am intentional in the delivery of early learning lessons by best practices to support your daughter's development. It is a privilege to serve you and your family's childcare needs. You are a valuable family member of Jackson Child Care.

You will not find better childcare in the Fairfax county area. I say that because the environment is like a private academy of elite pre-schoolers! Ms. Jackson is firm and on top of educational aspects in every way. The children are taught manners, independence and the importance of eating healthy. While my son was in her care she provided structure, and assisted with other needs that only someone with her years of expertise could identify. She truly creates memories for families. She is always my go-to when I am recommending a trusted child care provider.

Aleah Parker
Jackson Child Care Replied: Ms. Aleah, During challenges, it is the words in your farewell thank you letter that uplifts. Through our relationship, I learned to appreciate, better understand, and value working families' sacrifices. Thank you for your support of our high-quality early learning program. Thank you for acknowledging Jackson Child Care's comprehensive early learning program with this descriptive testimony. We are committed to the ongoing betterment of children's success. Thank you for choosing to partner with Jackson... Read More

Ms. Jackson runs a wonderful day care which we sent our eldest son to for approximately two years. After bouncing around multiple, sub-par day cares, we found Jackson Day Care and felt comfortable keeping our son there until he was ready for kindergarten. Under Ms. Jackson’s care, our son’s emotional intelligence as well as his auditory, visual, pencil/paper, and gross motor skills progressed rapidly, enabling him to get admitted into a competitive, local private school. Before the pandemic, the daycare would take... Read More

Rob W.
Jackson Child Care Replied: Congratulations with best wishes for your son's admission and his continued success. Please be assured that we are here to continue supporting his development. It is with appreciation, and thanks for leaving such a genuine glowing review. In the sharing of your experience over the two and a half years, there is much to be thankful for. What stands out is acknowledging Jackson Child Care's reputation and being known as an early childhood educators and developers of building individualized first... Read More
Joanne Ogardo
Jackson Child Care Replied: Ms. Joanne, on behalf of the Jackson Child Care team, thank you for this five-star rating and your support of our work with the children.

You will not find a more caring atmosphere for your child anywhere! My son spent several years at JCC, and he absolutely loved going there. They were always doing something interesting and fun, and, little did they realize, they were learning a lot, too!! Monica and her staff make sure each child is treated as an individual. She takes the time to figure out how to bring out the best in each child, and help them succeed and grow. I cannot make enough positive comments, other than Monica/JCC is one of the things I miss about living in N. Springfield!! Best. Care. EVER!!

Mardie Amery
Jackson Child Care Replied: Dear Mardie, I am thankful that you took the time to share such an uplifting and beautiful review. The kiddos grow up and moving on, as they should. Your review helps others in their search for reliable quality childcare. Over the years, I said how I wished for more supportive parents like you. The experience and success shared in this review were possible because of you and our work with us at Jackson Child Care as a team. Thank you with gratitude for your continued support.

My son was with Ms. Jackson for a number of years, and a higher standard of quality care for your child could not be found anywhere!! We lived in N. Springfield until 2018, and I can honestly tell you that NOBODY is as attentive and attuned to individual children's needs as Ms. Jackson and her staff are. Best. Child. Care. EVER!!

Mardie Amery

Jackson Child Care is one of the top programs in the area. You will not find what Monica Jackson offers anywhere else. My son started with her when he was 3 years old. Two years later he came out beyond prepared for Kindergarten. She even went out of her way to add extra activities in areas where my son was struggling so he could have extra practice.
The amount of hands on learning, field trips and home cooked meals cannot be matched anywhere else. Not only does her program prepare them for school, it prepares them... Read More

Ale Benavides

Jackson Child Care is one of the top programs in the area. You will not find what Monica Jackson offers anywhere else. My son started with her when he was 3 years old. Two years later he came out beyond prepared for Kindergarten. The amount of hands on learning, field trips and home cooked meals cannot be matched anywhere else. Not only does her program prepare them for school, it prepares them for the world. She emphasizes on more than just school curriculum. She emphasizes on every day skills such as table... Read More

Alie Benavides
Jackson Child Care Replied: Alie, thankful for this recognition and acknowledgment! It is a pleasure and a joy to assist. There are many child care options. Thank you for choosing Jackson Child Care as the best child care option for your son.

I have been affiliated with Jackson Family Day Care for more than 20 years. Monica Jackson and her team always have done a stellar job. I had the please last summer and this past spring break to have my granddaughter attend her Academy. It was comforting to have her always come one with exciting stories and excited to go back the next day. The programs are always age appropriate and push the children to be more intellectual and creative. Ms. Jackson also incorporate manners into her daily practice which is... Read More

Charmelle Rustin
Jackson Child Care Replied: Dear Charmelle: Thank you for taking the time to submit this review. It is a special blessing that we have maintained such a strong-rooted relationship over the years. So happy that we remain connected and that you continue to share your artistic talents to enhance the children's creativity at Jackson Child Care. So glad that we are able to stay connected.

My child has been enrolling at Jackson Child Care since January 2018. Ms. Jackson has been nothing but phenomenal when it comes to early childhood education. She is an expert in this field with many outstanding awards and recognition from the state of Virginia. Being a teacher by trade, I have high expectations when it comes to school curriculum and learning objectives. Jackson Child Care offers an excellent child-focused program that has a positive impact on the child's physical, social and intellectual development.

Jackson Child Care Replied: Ms. Yen, thank you for this helpful review. We are thrilled to receive such stellar feedback. We are proud to earn your trust, respect, and to be held in such high esteem. Here at Jackson Child Care, we look forward to our continued work together in support of building a robust early learning foundation for your son.

As an intern at Jackson child care, I can say that we focus and work on the development of the whole child. The daily schedule and activities are intentional with emphasis on advancing children’s cognitive, emotional, language, motor, and social developmental skills. We dig deep by strengthening children’s developmental skills and increase confidence in their capabilities are daily goals. Children acquire and build developmental skills through engagement in fun research-based early learning and guided educational... Read More

Ruth Tiguh

Monica is an amazing caregiver and a leader in the field of child care. I have nothing but admiration, love and respect for her. She runs an awesome program at Jackson child care center. The families are blessed to have their children at her program.

The Transformational Education Adventure Center
Jackson Child Care Replied: Mayosha, thanks for sharing your overall experience and showcasing us at our best. Admiration, love, and respect are mutual. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share the excellent review. Jackson Child Care welcomes referrals and would appreciate you sharing your experience with families in search of a quality preschool with an early learning program.

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience my two sons have had at Jackson Child Care. They are grown now and the still talk about the activities and field trips. Monica Jackson puts a lot of thought, time, and love into making it an experience that the children will always remember.

Lisa Miller-Carpenter

My son started with Monica in February. We have had such a positive experience with Monica over the past several months! Right from the start, Monica impressed us with her efforts to communicate with us. We were nervous about our son starting, since he is younger than the rest of the children. Monica knew this and made sure she touched base with us often/gave us extra information that first week. Since then, the communication has continued. We love her daily email reports - they contain information about what the... Read More

Katie Roessler

We have been completely delighted with our experiences at Jackson Child Care! Our youngest daughter started here a few months after we relocated to Annandale Virginia from the Midwest. Within a week she went from hesitant and tear-filled drop-offs to running through the door as fast as her little legs can carry her, without a backward glance! Over the months since she's been attending we've seen her language skills and confidence really grow; I'm sure it's in large part due to the experiences she is having at... Read More

David Ehsan

My girls were with Jackson Child Care for over 5 years and it was a wonderful experience. They would still be there if we had not moved across the country. Monica became a part of our family and gave the girls experiences most kids don't get to have. Her love and support for the girls and our family is priceless and we are blessed to have her in our lives.

Jamie Brodnax
Jackson Child Care Replied: Thank you....Ours was a mutual partnership and an example of how much children can benefit when providers and parents work together!

Our youngest son is in his third year with Monica and her staff, and he has grown, learned so much and had fun at the same time. We sought a place where he would be loved, nurtured and could play. All of those things have happened, and he's also been exposed above and beyond to a dynamic preschool curriculum that has included literary skills, problem solving and science through hands-on cooking and gardening activities, and more. We love that Monica teaches the children through experiences that include regular... Read More

Plank Family
Jackson Child Care Replied: The Jackson Child Care Staff is thankful for your ongoing support and your parental involvement with field trips and inclusive recommended program enhancements.

Jackson Child Care offers opportunities for life long learning experiences; prepare for school readiness, literacy, ongoing exposure to social settings, self respect with emotional development in mind, self control and accountability to name a few!! Their is no better place for your preschool child to be in the best hands of Monica Jackson and her team!! Thanks Monica for your services to the local community at large! And fantastic advocacy leader for the Fairfax County children!

Aisha Bhatty
Jackson Child Care Replied: As owner and operator of Jackson Child Care, I am thankful for our work for over 25 years and our leadership accomplishments in the child care industry. I look forward to our continued work and making even greater industry impacts.

We used Jackson Child Care for our daughter after school when she attended North Springfield Elementary. Monica offers a safe and welcoming environment for the children and is very reliable and conscientious. She also reinforces the importance of good manners and respect for others. We had to discontinue when our daughter changed schools but would definitely recommend to others!

Greg Englert
Jackson Child Care Replied: Greg, thankful that you took the time to share your Jackson Child Care experience. Over the years we have seen families come and go. Our relationship with your family will always be special. We so enjoyed being involved in your precious daughter's growth and development!

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