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Been working with Brian Jacks for about 3 1/2 years and find his services amazingly refreshing and with result oriented outcomes. His services are above and beyond any other broker (except one that has left the business.) that I have worked with for the past 35 years. Responsive - Attentive - Prom... See More

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Brian just recently helped us complete a lease on a new church space. We brought him in late in the game and he expertly inserted himself into a very uncomfortable and tense negotiation. From there Brian guided us with grace and expertise at every turn. He was available whenever we needed him and was responsible to never drop the ball. He even put up with all of our stupid questions and ideas from pastors who really have no idea what we’re doing. I could not recommend him enough for your commercial real estate needs.

Matt Van Peursem gave JACKS Commercial Real Estate (Sacramento) a 5 star review
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It's easy to write a great review for someone that did a great job! Brian is an extremely pleasant and professional individual. He did his homework the very first time we met and showed me other similar properties and what they sold for. We had a conversation about price and strategy and I put my commercial property on Fulton Avenue in his hands. The sign went up and he did his marketing and, within a few weeks we got two offers in one day. The second offer was reasonable and, within a very short time, we accepted the offer and the escrow closed. This is the 7th or 8th building that I've bought or sold in the last 40 years and it was the easiest one by far. I appreciate Brian's expertise and highly recommend him for Real Estate adventures! : )

Chris Kight gave JACKS Commercial Real Estate (Sacramento) a 5 star review
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This may be the most courteous, effective, quick responding real estate agency in the Sacramento area. We were looking for a new location for a small private school, and had trouble talking to other realtors (or even getting them to call us back). The people at this agency not only called me back the same day, but I had a direct connection to the manager of a property we were interested almost immediately. I would highly recommend their services ANY time! :)

Anne Gale gave JACKS Commercial Real Estate (Sacramento) a 5 star review
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I'm glad to see Brian getting the good reviews he deserves. He is a pro in every aspect of the word: he knows his stuff and is prompt and responsive. Most importantly, he is highly communicative. My business partner and I are opening a restaurant in Sacramento, and Brian showed us quickly to the perfect building for our uses and helped us seal the deal. Along the way, he educated us well as we were relatively naïve in the field of real estate, and he was direct and willing to elaborate. Aside from his high professional standards, he's genuinely a nice guy to be around. If you work with anyone else but him you're likely doing it wrong.

kotaggchannel gave JACKS Commercial Real Estate (Sacramento) a 5 star review
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Brian is just what you need in a commercial broker: he is honest, responsive, and willing to do what it takes to get a deal done. I would not hesitate to refer someone that needs commercial leasing assistance in the Sacramento area. Brian's use of technology is impressive, and it helps him cut through the clutter to deliver impressive results in a short amount of time. Without a doubt, he is one of the best in town!

Rick Morin gave JACKS Commercial Real Estate (Sacramento) a 5 star review

I strongly recommend working with Brian. Thanks to him I was able to find my new office space. Brian oversaw the lease process with the property owners -... more

Pablo R. gave Jacks Commercial Real Estate a 5 star review

Brian is very professional and easy to work with. Always answers promptly and provides helpful information. Would recommend to a friend! more

Lana D. gave Jacks Commercial Real Estate a 5 star review

Always available via phone, email and text! Thanks Brian! more

Aleks V. gave Jacks Commercial Real Estate a 5 star review
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