Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy

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4022 East Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10465
United States

Our daughter is so happy at this school. She has loved all of the teachers she has had and has learned so much from them. She asks to see her teachers and her friends on the weekends. She has learned her letters and her numbers 1-20 and she is only 2 and a half. She is fully potty-trained thanks... See More


Dear Ivy Prep Staff, (Bronx)
We want to thank you all for providing a safe and happy environment for our little princess Zoey Liz. Your school is a wonderful, loving and creative place. We know we said much of this before but we do not have the words to express ourselves for what you have given t... See More


Caregivers are quite knowledgeable about our children's likes/dislikes and needs. We feel confident that they are well taken care of while we are away.... See More


My daughter has been in Ivy League/Prep of Staten Island for almost a year. Her language skills and communication skills have excelled greatly. She loves her teachers and going to "school". The staff and teachers are invested in the children and strive for excellence. They provide pictures via the T... See More


I love the daily updates and photos, ms Martha and ms Colin are always so sweet . I love that they pay attention to children's homework, it shows genuine interest for children's progress ;)... See More


My daughter has been enrolled in Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy for a year and a half and we are beyond pleased with everything! She is learning and developing at a quicker pace, is able to count and start reciting the alphabet, made friends, able to follow rules and she is only 2! This is all cre... See More


My son is learning so much at Ivy prep! Best decision we've made for him.... See More


We see such amazing developmental growth happening with our daughter, who is 15 months old and has been attending Ivy Prep since 3 months old. The teachers are amazing - they all seem to know all the students, they are friendly, patient, and communicate very well to parents and students. I have neve... See More


My experience with Ivy League has been amazing. The teachers and staff are loving, caring and helpful. I feel very safe with my daughter coming here. She has learned a lot since attending Pre-K. I would recommend any parent who is looking for a daycare or pre-K.... See More


The teachers at ivy prep learning academy are very caring. My daughter loves coming in every morning and she enjoys her time here with her little friends and the teachers. She learns a lot and surprises with her new vocabulary every night. We are thankful to find ivy prep learning academy.... See More


They take good care of my kids. My kids learn a lot through their various activities and programs. I highly recommend Ivy Prep!... See More


Miss Rossy and Laura are wonderful teachers who provide my son with quality education and the care & compassion he needs to grow up to be the smart, well rounded young man I can see him becoming. I'm so happy to have them as my son's PreK teachers this year.... See More


Ms Laura and ms rosy are great teachers!!!... See More


Ivy is a great school and the teachers are fantastic.... See More


My son started going to Ivy League Early Learning Academy twice a week at the end of November and he just turned 2 years old last week. Since attending, he has started to speak more and communicate better, he is learning sign language at the school, and he uses it at home sometimes, and he is very ... See More


Ivy prep has really prepared my son for kindergarten. The staff is very nice and my son loves it there.... See More


We love the school n his teachers are the best... See More


Wonderful program. My wife and I notice a remarkable change in our daughter's personally and academic progress.... See More


I love Ivy League. My son has grown and learned so much over the past two years. The teachers are excellent and professional.... See More


This is a great school. Everyone is very friendly and my son learns so much. He will be ready for Kindergarten in September.... See More


Ivy league is really good. My son started in January. In one month he is improving alot and socializing too. Good work done by the teachers.... See More


I Love this place!! They treat my son so well there, he loves being there. All the girls are professional and treat my son and I will the highest respect... See More


My son has been going to Ivy Prep since he was 10 weeks. I wouldn't trust him with any other place. I LOVE Miss Bebe and Miss Carol and so do my son. The staff is loving and even though he's not in the older rooms yet he loves being silly with teachers like Miss E-Vonn. Kristy, Tiffanie and Sarah... See More


We recently joined my 2 year old daughter in Ivy care. She is doing great! She is saying new words and singing rhymes!!! :)
she is sleeping early too. Before she used to sleep very late night. So happy for our selection. Thanks Ivy league.... See More


My son has been at Ivy League since the first week of January 2017. I was really nervous because he had previously had a private nanny and I was worried about what how he would be in this new environment. Well, almost a month later, my happy, smiley, giggly, curious, adventurous little boy is stil... See More


I truly love the IVy Prep Early Learning Academy. My daughter Avarose is happy going to school and is learning a lot. The staff is professional and competent. Kudos to Ms. Faye she is an excellent teacher. From Keisha Wisdom... See More


When people ask me if I'm ok with my son being in daycare I always answer with ABSOLUTELY!! I have always felt comfortable knowing my son is in good hands and is always safe!! He has learned so much from all the teachers there from when he first started as a 6month!! We love Ivy League Prep and alwa... See More


We have been with Ivy League for the last 5 years. The school is very organized clean and the teachers are phenomenal. We love it so much. We highly recommend Ivy League.... See More


My son has been attending Ivy Prep since he was 8 months old. He is currently in Cornell Cubs. He loves coming to school each day and talks about his friends and teachers at home. He is always met with smiles and hugs from all the teachers at Ivy Prep. I have complete trust in all the teachers and ... See More

My family has been affiliated with Iv Prep since 2010 when my daughter was 3 months old. Instantly we fell in love with the infant room teachers and knew that was the school. My daughter graduated from there at 5 years old and we have loved the school ever since. When it was time for preschool for my son, I knew there was only one school. My son has thrived in Princeton A and the teachers are wonderful. He has grown in both social and educational aspects. You get pictures and a summary of their day via the Tadpole app or emails. We love the school and the teachers!

Cassy E gave Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of the Bronx a 5 star review

My daughter was enrolled at 8 weeks old and is still present in Infant A. I am beyond grateful for all the amazing work these ladies have done for me and my family. I receive my daily photos and detailed feedback about her day via Tadpoles, their emailing system. Anything you ask for that is associated with your child, whether it be about their milk or special diet or even as small as a change in scheduling to match that of your home, they satisfy it all. In regards to administration I am always up to date with anything regarding billing, contact updates, and special events. Overall I am so pleased and recommend this school to everyone. It will be nothing but a great service to your little ones and your family.

Amanda Juan gave Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of the Bronx a 5 star review

I am extremely satisfied with this childcare center. I have two children ages three years old and three months old attending. My three year old began at eleven weeks old. The staff has always been very friendly and easy to work with. Any concerns are addressed immediately and I never feel as if I am calling too much when inquiring about my children's well being. I have two friends who have had their children attend prior and spoke positive of their experiences. Some of the same staff is here who have worked with their children. Although it is pricey, every dollar is worth spending for the care provided and I have not been disappointed.

Samantha Wallace gave Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of the Bronx a 5 star review

My daughter has been enrolled since 3 months old and is now 3 years old and we couldn’t be happier! The staff is great and very friendly and always looking out for the best interest of the children. The school is kept very clean as well. I love the updates via Tadpoles app/Email of pictures throughout the day and daily summaries for what they learned about! Our daughter looks to go to school each day as she loves her time there as well! We couldn’t be more pleased! We even have our 3 month old son signed up to start in a few weeks. Gives us a piece of mind to have both children in the same school with great care!

Tracy Letizia gave Ivy Prep Early Learning Academy of the Bronx a 5 star review

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