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my experience was great with wholesaling inc. I've got to learn so much from podcasts, wholesaling inc group and brent daniels himself. Because of this adventure that i took on with wholesaling inc i will be able to start my financial freedom and learn all about how to create a successful business a... See More


Great podcast to keep current with new marketing tactics. Good people that want to help and not just sell some "guru" content.


Before joining the Wholesaling Inc family just 2 years ago, We knew absolutely nothing about real estate, thought it was for only for people who had lots of money and perfect credit, of which neither I had. So after reading one Facebook post from Wholesaling Inc., we prayed about it and made the dec... See More


I highly recommend Wholesaling Inc for those who are looking for the best hands-on training and coaching for your wholesaling business. I couldn't have done this without Tom and Cody's help throughout the process.


Brent’s TTP is an amazing program and huge support to helping you get into wholesaling real estate. I would highly recommend it! If you want to learn how to do the things to succeed in wholesaling, then you need this program and education. It’s actionable, understandable and geared toward the be... See More


Wholesaling Inc's coaching program provides step by step instructions for starting your wholesaling business. I had a little real estate experience before I began the program, but like Tom says, wholesaling is more like a pawn shop business than a real estate business. What little I knew before I st... See More

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