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I had seen Adam in Boca Raton at a seminar in 2019 and I walked away with a lot of questions and doubts which I never revisited. I had an impression that he was only there to sell this expensive service he was promoting and where I applaud the service and his right to promote it, I felt as I did with other real estate and trading seminars, where they promote this expensive tuition when you haven't a clue what to expect from the industry itself once you are "all in". This time, however, Adam is going more in depth and it's over the course of two days with some homework where one can participate and ask questions. On top of that, the offer for the no contract monthly access to that same service makes me feel like I can go "all in" without loosing my own money or go into debilitating debt just to get my feet wet. I initially gave a 4 star review since we are only halfway through the weekend, but if the questions he mentioned yesterday are answered and worked through today as planned, it'll likely be FIVE stars!

-- David F

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