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It works, I am a Amazon affiliate with a website my niche is luggage but people buy everything. The problem is it is expensive. I never knew the different ways of selling on Amazon. You can tell Adam is the real deal, he talks on a level which you can understand. You have all the help you need from wonderful people. If you follow what Adam is telling you and you are teachable, you will never have to worry if you have enough to pay the bills feed the family. Family is my life.
You have videos, you have a workbook, just yesterday I got a invite to join a Internet Mastery Group so you are never alone. The 8 hour course was $19.95 you can’t take yourself to a movie and by yourself anything, now a days it cost double that just for one person, Adam could have charged more but he didn’t. Then Adam wrote a best seller called Outside Influences he donates 100% to charity who does that. So I can only speak to what I know I went to the hour introductory the 8 hour course so I can tell you only about my experiences A++
The only way you will lose is if you do not start the
program. You don’t know me but you will. This is a life changing experience. If it is important to you, you will find away If not, you will find an excuse.

-- Stephen S

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