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It was one of the best program. The first day was awesome 👌. Looking forward to the next seminar tomorrow 😀.


Really interesting and easy to follow course.
Highly recommend independent in which stage of the Amazon seller process you are.
It's a great investment for your business.


When I ran across Internet Mastery and listen to the intro video I will call it. I was on Go!!! As I listen and found how much it cost I was like omg 😳 really. It’s a wrap. I paid for the 2 day Internet Mastery seminar fast. First, day I was very impressed from what I learn. I’m already an Am... See More


I had seen Adam in Boca Raton at a seminar in 2019 and I walked away with a lot of questions and doubts which I never revisited. I had an impression that he was only there to sell this expensive service he was promoting and where I applaud the service and his right to promote it, I felt as I did wi... See More


Good morning guys I really wanted to tell you I love internet Mastery it was wonderful it was brilliant I have learned the most by attending this two-day Summit that I ever attended any type of conference Adam is outstanding I recommend this to anyone that wants to start your own internet business g... See More


Irwin LOVED Internet Mastery

Irwin R gave Internet Mastery a 5 star Rating

Adam has mastered the presentation and anticipated the questions a beginner may have about any aspect of the business. The way he teaches the business is like going on a virtual tour of everything to be expected, beginning with the proper mindset, then goes on to discuss the technicalities of becomi... See More

Seng H gave Internet Mastery a 4 star Rating

It was information that I can build on and grow my business. I look forward to day two of the seminar


I love internet Mastery


Leunamarie is very excited to recommend Internet Mastery

Leunamarie A gave Internet Mastery a 5 star Rating

Internet Mastery was packed with a lot of pertinent information and very easy to understand. It was step by step of straight to the point information.I know that i can do it!!


The workshop helped me understand how the Amazon business works. Adam made the concepts sound simple and understandable. I realized that you can’t just go and start the Amazon business you have to know what you are selling to avoid losing money. I am so glad l attended the workshop.

Donald I gave Internet Mastery a 4 star Rating

I found the Internet Mastery Summit webinar to be informative. I am looking forward to learning more, creating and growing my Amazon business. Thank you Adam for sharing and many blessings to you and yours.

I was very impressed with the content of day 1 and can't wait to learn more and apply the lessons. I'm excited about carving my own path and feel confident... more

Carolyn R. gave Internet Mastery a 5 star review

I foresee this program as a great opportunity to start my own e commerce business and become financially free! more

Mary H. gave Internet Mastery a 5 star review

Hi. My name is Kate Maravillas from Las Vegas, NV. A few years ago, I had a chance to attend one of Adam Ginsberg presentation for Internet Mastery program.... more

Kate M. gave Internet Mastery a 5 star review

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