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Karen had a great experience with Internet Mastery

Karen R

Joined IM a month ago and I already sold 8 items and looking forward to up my selling game. They have been attentive in answering questions and the learning videos are awesome. Thanks IM!!

Vee grant

Internet Mastery online course is the best ever. I was skeptical at first, but after listen to Adam for a while, I was convinced that this maybe a good, so I kept going. I have got 8 sales now, they are not big but it's good for my first month. Many thank to Adam Ginsberg, Preston Catmull, Corinne Clayton Parkinson, and all our team.
I am also setting up my LLC, so excited and look forward to getting more listing and sales.
Thank you all

dew N

Love the concept. I've been selling on Amazon for past 11 years but with help of coaches & specially adam learning everyday new stuff as I've never knew of or thought about. Glad I've joined the group

Dani Daniali

Not a question but a great achievement since I joined this amazing community. I started in September and I decided to look into my sales increase from one month to the other. So to my surprise, my business had an incredible increase of 31% during last month. Thank you Adam, Coach Preston and all other coach for your expertise and guidance.

Jose Valentin

I have been a member of the Internet Mastery Community for only one month and the support has been absolutely amazing. I just sold my first two products on Amazon which was SO EASY due to the SpyRivals assessment system which came with my Elite Membership. It removes almost 100% of the “guessing game” of Amazon sales. Both Adam, Corinne, my mentor, Preston…along with so many more in the Internet Mastery Community cheer you on in your successes BUT ALSO in your questions/mistakes. You never feel alone! Thanks... Read More

Tracie Baird

I was a bit skeptic in the beginning learning about Internet Mastery. There are so many scams out it makes you think triple times before taking a leap. Then you ask yourself am I prepared to dip into my savings for this?

I joined Adam’s free seminar on 9/21/22 and was very intrigued and nervous. Alot of great information was given. Close to the end of the webinar I prayed and thought it over and decided to take a leap and purchased the PRO version. Still nervous and excited. After meeting with my coach and... Read More

Miriam Spruill

Incredible is the only adjective to describe this experience. Adam and his team exude the name, MASTERY. They truly give the tools to a successful E commerce business. I'm thankful for the opportunity.!!!

Robin Newell

Well I'm a very eceptical with all of this type of "events & situations ", but since the moment I watch Adam's introduction video something told me " I'm listening the right person ", the way he explains the "course" is very clear and simple, like he said on the video, "I don't need your money!", that expression right there is his "Best", I'm very excited to attend the "day 2 virtual summit event", I will DEFINITELY recommend to anyone to do this. I'm... Read More

Erick Gaytan

Erick enjoyed the experience with Internet Mastery

Erick G

I’m so thankful and so happy to be part of this amazing community there is no words to describe and explain my gratitude I thank God every day for Adam Ginsberg and all the coaches because without you I wouldn’t be able to do my business thank you thank you to all of you five stars it’s not enough I will give ten if I could ⭐️⭐️🌟🌟⭐️

Lucia Villanueva

I am so excited for this amazing tool.

Luningning Francke

I was looking for a way to increase my brand sales on Amazon and found this terrific team of experienced Amazon sellers. I have a personal coach and tools you won’t find elsewhere. IM has created tools so special that Amazon has recognized IM and Adam for their work, integrating solutions that make us better sellers.
If you were looking for a new side hustle, join us

Myoshi Maul

The Internet Mastery Community has advanced my e-commerce business tremendously as a third party Amazon seller. The resources that includes softwares, 1v1 coaching, internal prep center, weekly live group coaching and a network of new and veteran sellers in the community itself brings impactful experience allowing you to always have tips and pointers to go to as you build your business.

Many resources available to you are broken down into the most simplest form where you don’t need to be heavily educated to... Read More

Cheng Global Enterprise

Adam is very straight forward and right to the point.


Unfortunately I had internet streaming issues and missed a bunch of the audio. It’s too bad because there was some excellent information being delivered.
Hopefully day 2 goes better for me as I’m VERY excited to be involved!!
The only feedback I’d like to offer is that for those of us that wer... See More


I Love Internet Mastery,
It gave me more confidence and the will power and knowledge what I did not know and now I can say, I know more now, then before.

I cannot wait to meet my coach, getting this e commerce on fire!!!

This is a great investment I made.
Positive, positive…..


I love Internet Mastery. It showed me guide line for financial success in Amazon. Taught me struggle with my fear. Learning about the details in Amazon selling , profit, gated, and so much great new idea


Internet Mastery!! Adam great teacher very straightforward. Love all the information that is given and looks very promising for success as a Amazon Seller!!! Can’t wait to see where my journey with Internet Mastery goes!!! $$$$

Christina Parker

AWESOME OPPORTUNITY! I have always wondered how people got started in Amazon, but never wanted to do the research. On 8/24/22 while working my 9-5 job-I got an email regarding "THE BEST AMAZON COURSE EVER" - free 2 day virtual summit!!! Thought to myself why not?!!! Adam's presentation that day was so inspirational with his simple process for success-it left me wanting to know more. Long story short...I started this journey praying this would be the answers to what I wanted to be able to achieve not... Read More

Marlene Nabong

Very detailed and useful tools


Karima Narimane thinks you should try Internet Mastery

Karima Narimane C

I have been looking for an at home business that was easy to follow if I put the work in and not too costly to start off with. I found that with Internet Mastery. The webinar sparked my interest, and the 2-day summit drew me in. I just could not pass up the opportunity to be a part of this AMAZING community and opportunity of a lifetime. I'm following the steps my coach is giving me and finding that the system truly works!!!!! I know I am starting out a bit slow, but as soon as I get more practice, WATCH OUT... Read More

Michele Aragon

Internet mastery gives you all the tools you need to be successful. You can go at your own pace. But you have to work the system and ask the questions. It’s your Business, they just make suggestions.

M McAdams

Adam has it all set up for you. Simple Step by step covers Everything!
Thank you

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