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25420 Kuykendahl Road
Suite D800
Tomball, TX 77375
United States

gave Integrative Wellness Center 5 stars


If you're tired of going to see your "regular" doctor and only getting 5 minutes of their attention before sending you off to some other doctor or some test for a symptom you're having, or worse...just writing you a prescription...then you will LOVE the attention you get from an Integrative Medicine doctor. I've never spent less than 1 hour talking with Dr. Gundlapalli about what is happening with me and my body. Sometimes, she's even spent an hour and a half listening to me and really explaining what is happening with my body, based on specific testing that treats the WHOLE body...not just a symptom.

What I love about her approach to treating the whole body is that it brings every bodily system back into alignment the way our body is supposed to function, and does so holistically without pumping me full of prescription pills. Oh, and just to mention, she's not a snake oil salesman trying to prescribe me her own concoctions to cure my physical ailments. But what she IS for me is a critical piece in helping me to understand the biological aspects of my healing, allowing me the time to focus on the spiritual aspects of my healing.

Thank you Dr. Gundlapalli!

-- Catherine W

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