Insight Appliance Repair

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1308 Melon Colony Ave SW
Concord, NC 28027
United States
(704) 912-9305

gave Insight Appliance Repair 5 stars


I am so pleased with Insight because when I texted Rafael he agreed to come check out the problem for a $89.00 fee. He came said he would order the part from LG. My refrigerator was purchased brand new in 2018. So I was so surprised the it stopped freezing the ice or staying cold. The part took longer then we thought to arrive. He got it late Friday and he was nice enough to come on Saturday morning to repair it. It has been running fine every since. I called LG about the $89.00 service fee they told me they paid Rafael the service fee as well as for the repair and he should be refunding me. I was able to send in a claim for the list food. So I am just waiting for the refund and very happy with the work Rafael did.


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