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Phenomenal value ! Tremendous training! It’s insightful and delightful! I *HIGHLY* recommend this process to anyone and everyone seeking to up their game and skyrocket their profits!


I just love Kelly O'Neil and her genius programs & processes. I recently participated in her free Collaborate to Accelerate and then joined her Marketing to Millionares and Profit-logogy Business Incubator. Her content is so well researched and thought through and then equally important, her program... See More


I loved Kelly O'Neil & The Profit-ology Process because there was excellent free content. Further, when I was struggling with fears about signing up for the Marketing to Millionaires Business Accelerator program, Jasmine and Sonya both reached out to help me. So the program offered both informatio... See More


Such great value in her Facebook group. I love the amount of support and training in the group. Such vast business knowledge.


Kelly O'Neil's Profitology process is amazing. The design and layout seamlessly takes you through the levels, with ease and grace 💞


I love Kelly and the Profit-ology process because I was at a point in my business where I needed to shift my point of view to get to the next level, I received a very clear, laser focused strategy and it’s cut down my workload substantially while lifting my brand status to the level it needs to be... See More


I am very glad I joined the Marketing To Millionaires LIVE event via the Livestream. Finally I am getting more clarity around marketing and doing business in general and it feels like a big relief to receive this straight forward guidance. This is exactly what I want and need! I am in the midst of ... See More


Working with Kelly has been a game-changer for both me and my business. For years I was spinning my wheels on how to make money in my business and it not feel like a constant grind. Literally from a quick conversation with Kelly she got to the heart of the issue and set my business on a course that ... See More


The Profit-ology Process is genius! For me, it put the horse before the cart. What a concept? :) .
Kelly is an amazing strategist and business woman, who gives you what YOU need for YOUR specific business and target affluent audience. No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all here. The best business ... See More


The Profit-ology Process is fantastic. In a short time I was able to have more clarity, security and certainty of my message and my offer. Kelly has so much experience and accuracy in her teachings and in a short time I was able to give a boost to my business and take it to the next level. I highly ... See More


Since I started working with Kelly, I have a level of clarity and confidence in my business that I've never had before which I know is a direct result of both her Porfit-ology Process and the level of support she provides.

But what really makes this program work for me is Kelly's honesty and in... See More


Kelly is amazing! Her program goes into such great detail - I cannot even fathom how I have done business for so many years without the clarity I have gained in just a short time. Her live Boardroom event was life changing. The community she has built is phenomenal, and the support I have receive... See More


I'm so glad I joined Kelly's program because I learned so many things about implementing the right strategies for my business. Prior to Kelly my coaches didnt have enough knowledge, experience and support for their students and all gave the same strategy to everyone. I learned that every business ... See More


As a member of PBI, I've gained SO much more clarity around what I do, who I do it for, and how. It's been incredibly enlightening! And I absolutely love the supportive, informative, fun, and engaging community that's a major part of PBI. As a solopreneur, community is hard to come by, but insanely ... See More


I'm very happy I joined Kelly's program because of the amount of knowledge I gained working with her. Before Kelly my other coaches didnt have the knowledge, expertise and enough support for their students which is why I wasn't successful with my business. At times I experienced some struggles in m... See More


I have worked with various business coaches in the past and they all have focused on teaching tactics. Kelly O'Neil is the first to actually teach me how to set up and run a business. She teaches to get clarity first and that is what creates a solid foundation for building a solid business.

Wo... See More


I wanted to give everyone a perspective on what it is like to be a part of Kelly’s team. I started out as a client of Kelly's when my boss hired her and I was very successful, very quickly using her process - even when so many other things had previously failed. When I left my position, I immed... See More


I’m starting my ThetaHealing business and had no idea about marketing strategies and didn’t like the idea that I have to step into that topic because the little bit I knew from college and work didn’t feel right for me. Luckily I heard of her FREE Facebook training and it was so eye-opening an... See More


Working with Kelly and being part of the team changed my life. I am so grateful for the environment that Kelly is fostering in the company: how much she cares about us and how much she supports us. Being the servant leader she is, inspires us, team mates to support each other, to show up 100% for ea... See More


Kelly and her team were SUPER accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful in the Marketing to Millionaires program. Kelly is the real deal when it comes to talking to an audience of this caliber and where you can find them. Loved her insight and the workbook that accompanied the program, giving us a pl... See More


I've worked with Kelly for over a year now and have both witnessed and experience the amazing transformation she creates for her clients and their businesses. Not only has my business doubled in the time I've collaborated with her but I've seen our clients grow even more successful. And it's not jus... See More


Kelly and The Profit-ology Process have changed my business dramatically and continuously since I began the program in July 2019. She has helped me gain tremendous clarity around my brand message, strategy, and target audience that have enabled me to move my business and brand forward in ways I onl... See More


Kelly and her Profit-ology process is a MUST for your business! I have been working with Kelly for a long time now and have gone through her entire Branding process as well. She is as real as they come, tells you the truth and she is truly in her zone of genius here. If you are looking to scale your... See More


I came to Kelly O'Neil because I wanted to scale up my company. Was very surprise when I saw that Kelly was present for me every single day (no sending coaches to talk to me) Her program tells you step by step what to do in a very simple manner. It is one of the most detailed programs I have been. I... See More


I wish I had found Kelly first because she would have saved me so much time and money. Her Profit-ology Process is by far the best training I've ever had on developing and running a successful business and it's tailored to you, so there is no cookie cutter approach where everyone has to do the exact... See More

Understanding the Coaching and Entrepreneurial Industry and how things go, sometimes it is hard to make out which coaches really help. The thing is that a... more

Sergio C. gave Kelly O'Neil International a 5 star review

Kelly is phenomenal. She is solid and thriving for excellent. She is very authentic and super knowledgeable. If you are looking for greatness into your... more

Mitra P. gave Kelly O'Neil International a 5 star review

Kelly is truly a force of nature in the business world. Her Profit-ology process is unlike anything I have experienced in this industry. She cuts through... more

Mallory S. gave Kelly O'Neil International a 5 star review

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