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I absolutely love Inheritance. My son Brendan has been a member of the Inheritance family for 3 years. Going into Pre-k he was bored because. The Headstart program that Inheritance has taught my son everything that he would learn in Pre-k. His teachers at his school had to split the day with half P... See More


AMAZING, sums it up for me for Inheritance Child Care Center. My son, Trey Jones has attended Inheritance since he was 3. As he is my only child, it was and still is a blessing to know that Trey is well taken care of ALL year roundwhile I am at work. His school work is looked over, his well being is... See More


My son learns so much at Inheritance and the staff are so welcoming.... See More


At first my daughter was at a daycare I really didn't care for, so I took her out to find another. I was afraid to send my daughter to another daycare at first just because of my bad experience. Inheritance really welcomed her with open arms and have helped me teach her so many new things along the ... See More


This is my daughter's first time with Inheritance, and by far I am satisfied. My daughter is still shy, however I am excited to see her blossom within the center. ... See More


My experience with Inheritance Childcare Center has been great. I love getting pictures of my daughter during the day while I'm at work. As a new mom they offer suggestions and make every effort to accommodate special request regarding the care provided to my daughter. She is happy when I drop her a... See More

My child was formerly enrolled at Inheritance Childcare Center and while we have since moved on, I will say that I miss the caring, nurturing, personable nature of the staff at ICC. The staff here genuinely love working with kids and it shows in the way they perform daily. In addition to the personal care given to my son, he was always actively engaged with age appropriate activities and seemed to really enjoy socializing with other students! I respect the work and staff of ICC and would highly recommend them to any parent looking for quality childcare services in Baltimore!

Sheena Bowles gave Inheritance Child Care Center a 5 star review

My son has been attending Inheritance since 2015. I enjoy the daycare. The teachers that I loved the most were Ms. Keema and Ms. Morgan whom left due to graduating from college. Ms. Octavia and Ms. Mallorie are amazing as well. This daycare has definitely helped me with caring for my child.

Krystal Payton gave Inheritance Child Care Center a 5 star review

What can I say about inheritance daycare that is not already evident.First of all my daughter is so thrilled to be there. She goes on and on about how nice everyone is. She Has learned so much from them. As a shy young girl she blossomed and learned to socialize. She made so many friends. As for me I could not be happier to have my daughter attend this establishment. I have a great relationship with each daycare leader and not one of them has made me feel that my daughter was unsafe to attend. They answer every question that I ask and I can personally reach them literally any time day or night. It is very hard to find a great establishment like Inheritance. I love my daughter with all my heart and I trust each and every staff member not just to keep her safe but to help her grow into a wonderful young lady. Thank you so much inheritance for keeping my daughter safe and happy.

SHARON PINSON gave Inheritance Child Care Center a 5 star review

It's always a joy to visit this child care center. The staff are always pleasant and the centers are always clean. I would recommend this center to any parent who values the nurturing care and educational structure that they provide.

Mark Wright gave Inheritance Child Care Center a 5 star review

My daughter has been attending inheritance child care since she was 3 months old and is now 18 months. I have never had a problem with their cleanliness, customer service, or the care they provide for my daughter. At any time if I had questions or concerns I always address them directly with her teacher(s) and they were always immediately addressed. As a new mom her teachers always made me feel comfortable when dropping her off in the mornings and I always received a report how how she did during the day. I have never not been able to reach her teachers or someone in the main office when I called. However, now they have this "My Kidz Day" app that they use which allows me to check on my daughter without having to call. It gives me a detailed report of her meals, how often she is changed, nap time, and my favorite her activities which usually includes a picture of her doing the activity. When dropping her off in the morning the teachers are always pleasant and greets me with a "Good Morning" and "Have a good day". When I come to pick her up, I am greeted again with "Hello/good evening, how was your day?" I love the literacy program and can't wait for it to restart in the fall. Payton's teachers are the best, Payton loves Ms. Zee and Ms. Chenelle. As a matter a fact she runs to Ms. Chenelle in the mornings at drop off. Two weeks ago Payton wasn't feeling well and Ms. Chenelle stayed a little late until I came to pick Payton up. That made me feel really good that she stayed to comfort my daughter until I was able to get there, even if it meant she didn't get off on time. Ms. Monique is another teacher who is now at a different inheritance location who really provided great care to Payton. In my opinion her teachers treat her as if she was one of their own. My hope is that Payton will attend inheritance through pre-k. I always and will continue to highly recommend inheritance to parents who are seeking childcare. It's not just daycare!!!!!!

LaKendra Davis gave Inheritance Child Care Center a 5 star review
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