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I think the event has been really good, but could improve with a couple of small tweaks:
1. The think the product release on the first day lacked some framing. i.e. It was not clear the Propel was a separate product etc. So that could have been done a little stronger/clearer.
2. I would have preferred to see more keynotes, and less breakouts over the 3 days.
3. Also I found a lot of similar themes in the same block. For example the celebrity and branding sessions were both on Wed at 3pm. And again, two culture type sessions seemed to be on the same time as well. So it was hard to get to all the sessions on a particular theme that were interesting.
4. It would have also been cool if it was to rank the breakouts by 'level' i.e. beginner, advanced etc, so it was clear which best suits where an attendee was at.
Hope this helps.

-- Pete W

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