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It started with the Elite Program. At first it sounded like other programs that our owners have put us through. Great ideas, but had a huge piece missing. The execution and acceptance by the company. We are a SaaS company and I am the guy that builds the software. I have worked for other software companies that were about the same size. They are all dead now. All hit the $1M mark. None got passed the next set of hurtles. Being a programmer, we are usually kept in the back, building "The" next thing that will make the company big. Now, not only do I build the software, we have a mission to accomplish. We, as a company, have a true purpose. Because of those two things, we now have what I have always wanted in a company. A place to call home for my skills and a better reason to push just a bit harder. We have accomplished more in the three months after Elite Forum than we have the two years prior and I am excited to see what we can do as the team we have become.

-- Jeremy B

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