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On the first day of WYCP, I was very impressed. Josh asked why we came here? Actually I don’t have any answers. After listening to him, Sylvania and Rebecca Ji sharing’s sharing my heart is much more secure. I realized that I was not the only one who didn’t know why I came here. And I also thought that Josh came here to study after his graduation? Why are you so rich? I mean intentionally! Lol, Rebecca Ji, is so warm and stable power made my heart no longer hesitated. On this day, I have decided that I will not question myself and this program in the three months. I must complete WTCP.
Thanks to Tjibaria and Seb for the marketing course. They are always full of smiles that make people enjoy and look forward to the course.
Master, Noma dash, the first time I met you in Taiwan since last April, and I was attracted by you perfect speak. Last November, MTS was an incredibly excellent course! I totally surrendered to you. This time your powerful energy supports all of us could continue to train, perseverance with learning. Thank you and all of the IamCreator team. And especially thanks to Jane for helping us stepped on this journey and translate.
Thank you guys, all of Amazing you!!

-- Suya H

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