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January 2019 I decided that I wanted to work on my business but also rekindle my spiritual side. Work with both parts. I did think it would be one or the other. Choose to serve and be lacking or work on my business as a separate thing.

In June I got hit in the back by a tup! A big tup! But I was on a mission to do more work on my business so I decided if I had to lay on my back it would have to be Youtube. That is where I found this energetic funny energy called Ken Ho.

He showed me that indeed both can be apart of your life. Now known to all as Master Sri Akarshana. I just love submerging myself in his trainings, his sense of humour and no nonsense perspective.

Highly recommend you watch his YouTube Channel and join in the various webinars, you never stop learning and always good to revise.

-- Diane P

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