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I loved the structure for this training. I learned so much about myself.
It helped me to set a strong routine for my health and well-being with a focus on manifestation which I was able to keep up for the whole of the 7 weeks and will continue to do so.
There was a natural flow and sense of progre... See More


I attended a weekend class which was absolutely jam-packed with useful information.
Definitely value for money! ☺️🙏💫🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


AMAZING!!! I loved it! It helped me work through my limiting beliefs and discover my blockages. It helped me put my dreams in order and connect them. It helped me increase my focus and improve my determination. Through this program, I saw where I need to improve in order to achieve my dreams. I expe... See More


Its such an amazing session yoga with manifestation and showing gratitude towards everyone.
I am so grateful for this session.


January 2019 I decided that I wanted to work on my business but also rekindle my spiritual side. Work with both parts. I did think it would be one or the other. Choose to serve and be lacking or work on my business as a separate thing.

In June I got hit in the back by a tup! A big tup! But I was... See More


Astonishing. The complete transformation of a once victim mindset to a now powerful and invincible one. Growing day by day and seeing opportunities all around me. Thank you for opening my eyes to the real ‘secret of the secret’. Reading that book alone did nothing for me until I heard how to pra... See More


Hi my name is harshit soni !!
I am a student , right now i have cleared my 12th standard .
I am from india .
I want to just to leave a few words about the super creator certification program...
I joined the program as i had a inner calling that this event will change my wholle lifee , it was lik... See More


These three days were just so amazing and a breakthrough for me. Though on the second day a faced a big resistance, but just observed it, felt through and the next morning the real excitement woke up. I am a nurse and never felt fulfilled, as my strength is taking people through spiritual healing. I... See More


Hey I am Swati , a yoga practitioner from India.
As far as the super creator certification program is concerned , when I joined this program 3 days back I was not sure about what is the reason of my existence on this planet as my thoughts have always landed me up with no love , infact when Master ... See More


I tried recording the video but unfortunately it didn't work. Actually it's difficult to Express the experience in words. It has answered all my questions. I am super excited. Masters story has so many lessons. My number one take away is "take massive action".
There were countless Ahaa moments. I... See More


Hi my name is Anoop
I am a Financial Accountant in the NHS and I am from Sidcup, Kent UK
I want to just to leave a few words about the super creator certification program awesome, inspiring, life changing and informative.

Why you join the program? Self development, Taking action, understanding ... See More


great to know more information about Law of Atraction and in a such easy and funny way,,, so helpfull

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