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I love Hope Haven Events! I was a little skeptical when I attended my first Christ Centered Energy Conference. I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought maybe there'd be a lot of crazy people. What I found were people just like me in different parts of their journey. Some where in a successful place filled with joy and happiness and others were just starting. I realized I was somewhere in the middle. Yet we were all trying to find the same thing. We were looking for peace, for greater relationships, for health and healing, for unconditional love, and regardless of what our method was, our source was the same. His name is Jesus Christ. And I LOVED that! Each class I went to was filled with peices I was looking for in my own journey. Whether or not that was the message they were giving, I was led by the spirit to be taught what I needed to hear. And I am so grateful for Hope Haven Events!

My husband and I also attended the Mentor Retreat and it was such a special place to be! I grew as a mentor and a teacher and as a mother an a wife and Tammy totally over delivered. It was a sacred experience for my husband and I. I loved every minute and hope to go again in the future!

-- Heilala G

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