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My hope Haven Life changer started last year when I was given an invitation to attend or buy the audio of the ogden utah HHE. The price was amazing for the down loads since I knew I wasn't gonna be able to leave my Special needs adult children to fly cross country and attend. Tammy Ward's talks were my first to ever experience a Christian claiming to be energy healers. I was so touched to learn about what a sheild was and how to do it if your an empath. I don"t like tittles but I could relate.
Then I found other presenters that also deeply touched my heart. I had to contact Kathy Truman and she has become my first ever life coach/ energy healer. My life has changed profoundly.
I have worked with Kathy every week since and she has touched my life as only the Savior could do. She lives extremely close to our Savior and brings Him to each session. And Heavenly Mother and Father and Angels. I am healing from years of sextual abuse trauma! I have struggled for years to find that I had worth. I believed the sad terrible stories fed to me by my abusers. I became their shame that they put in me and on me. But the Lord finally was able to reach out to me with Kathy's spiritual gifts of healing by applying the atonement in amazing tangible ways. I love Kathy and am convinced she and I have been friends for a very long time. Her soft spoken voice brings such profound reverence that I told her she reminds me of Heavenly Mother. I also bought the talks from Sandy utah HHE. Now i am also learning how to connect to Heavenly Father in a real personal way every morning from Charlette Varble, i am learning how to change my health physically, spiritually and emotionally with Cynthia Sumner her health program is what i want to follow the rest of my life. Then their is Cortney Beardall, She taught me first and farmost the importance to be grounded to true North. She taught me how to shield my self and she taught me why it was important even though I have garments. She gives amazing lessons in her Investigating health course using
The scriptures and all powerful truths that are all backed by an undenyable witness of the Holy Ghost. I'm learning how to act and not be acted upon anymore. I'm learning the veil is so very thin. My body is healing physically along with the spiritual healings facilitated through Kathy Truman. I was blessed to be chosen in our last class as a demonstratuon on how to stregthan our pelvic floore muscles. Courtney listen's to promptings to choose who needs to be the example. I have been wearing diapers for four years! Totally had completely list full bladder control. Courtney completely healed and turned on wvery pelvic floor muscle. Then she even had to work on my intetnal muscles connected with
My lowet lumbar vertebrae. None of them were suporting or turned on. The Lab on fixung muscles and healing bones was yesterday. To day I have full blader control I can stop my urine mid stream! No more diapers! I am so thankful to loving Heavenly Parents who have led me to the HHE that have led me to amazing mentors all of whom have very sacred spiritual gifts. I pray for the time we can have these same events on the East coast. We have many who are suffering in darkness here that have not yet had their eyes opened to true gifts of healing. Satan rules these arts out here we need all of you to come teach us too! If God will allow me to I will be instrament in having HHE out here on the eadt coast. Think globally Tammy please.

-- Sharie D

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