Hope Haven Events

Reviews: 41

Average: 4.9 out of 5 Stars

4790 W. 15600 N.
Garland, UT 84312
United States

Reminded me anout somethings i had forgotten... See More


These Conferences are always great. I've never been to one without hearing something significantly important to my personal growth and development. I would recommend attending to anyone regardless of where your at in your journey. ... See More


Great day, wouldn't miss it!... See More


I adore Tammy and everything she does. She is such an inspiration to me and my teen kids, who joined me here, now at our second Christ-centered Conference. I am so grateful for understanding of energetic spirituality and seeking the Savior and the Light of Him in our lives. My best to all seeking to... See More

My wife and I look forward to the conference put together by Hope Haven Events every year. We always leave feeling inspired and have new goals and insights on how to help our family reqch our full potential and live intentionally.

Seth Riddle gave Hope Haven Events a 5 star review

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