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I LOVE Honore Consultants because they took my concern for my credit and made it their mission to help me reach my goals. I was able to obtain a credit card and just recently my credit limit was raised by $300. I would definitely give this company a 10/10.


Dee is always very nice and friendly every time she calls me. I like how clearly she updates me on my status and always answers my questions. I look forward to my next update. My experience in this short timeframe has been really great.


Keyoka suggests you use Honore Consultants

Keyoka K gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

Gentelle is very excited to recommend Honore Consultants

Gentelle P gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

Honore Consultants got a great recommendation by Kelvin

Kelvin W gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

Jasmine had a great experience with Honore Consultants

Jasmine L gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

I loved honore consultants because they helped me reach my credit goals I'm almost at a 800 credit score within 6 months.
They educated me on credit and my scores increased over 300 points they changed my life I and forever grateful for them. There is no other credit repair agency that can compare ... See More


I just want to thank the Honore Consultants for a few reasons first off I started the program score in the low 400’s and not being able to accomplish or get the things in life I need that would require good or decent credit I can proudly say today I’m at 720 I’ve learned so much from being enr... See More


Steven Highly Recommends Honore Consultants to their friends & family!

Steven G gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

Honore Consultants is very helpful throughout the process. They explained everything to me and give me instructions as to what I needed to do. The company is always there and helpful every step of the way. My credit score increased by 18 points and 4 items were removed the first month.


They really help me so much with my credit I see a big difference


Danielle Highly Recommends Honore Consultants to their friends & family!

Danielle G gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

Deondra was an amazing consultant throughout my case!! Thank you for everything.


I love Honore Credit because of the easy process, great consultants, quick results. Not only did they get the errors removed, but they coached me on ways to continue to improve my scores. I recommend Honore Credit to all those who need credit repair help.


Chassidy enjoyed the experience with Honore Consultants

Chassidy J gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

A year ago my credit score was in the low 500 range. Since I’ve joined Honore-Credit Consultants my credit score has risen to over 700. I’m pleased with the service I received thus far. I will gladly refer anyone looking to get their credit repaired to Honore-Credit Consultants.


I was hesitant about using a credit consultant because I wasn’t sure anything could be done about my situation. I had gone through a bitter divorce which ruined my credit score. Melika and her staff not only repaired my credit, but once they were done, my score had increased by over 200 points! I ... See More


Great service, very knowledgeable and responsive.


Ms. Allen was an exceptional help throughout my building better credit journey. This agency delivered results and made sure I understood the process every step of the way. I appreciate their support and will highly recommend them. Thank you guys so much.


Steven gave Honore Consultants an AWESOME Recommendation

Steven G gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

I would like to speak on the amazing service I've been receiving from Honore credit consultants. Being the customer service manager for several large companies, and also working for the BBB I've always been focused on the customer experience. No matter whom I speak with these wonderful women are alw... See More


Alecia was such a big help with helping me unfreeze my credit. Very informative and I loved how she offered so much insight on my special situation. If you need credit help or help unfreezing or dealing with fraud I would definitely recommend going to Honore’ Credit Consultants for help.


I just signed up today and so far the experience has been welcoming and assuring so I’m open and ready for this journey💪🏾This is the beginning for me so I’ll check back when I have completed my goals to give another review...thanks!

Ashely Roshawn gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Review on Facebook

Honore Consultants have been amazing! They are professional and so helpful. My scores have increased by 300 since the beginning of March. I highly recommend them. If your credit needs work, let this team go to work for you. They are the best. Thanks Honore Credit!

Todd Cambrice gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating on Google
Honore Consultants Replied: Thank you Mr. Cambrice. We are happy to service.

Honore Credit Consultants was able to help me bring my dreams into reality. Very respectful and professional that’s why I will highly recommend them. Thank you guys!


The staff has been very diligent with my credit repair process.. Within the first 60 days, 35% of Incorrect items have been deleted from my credit reports. I’m so happy that I chose Honore Credit to assist me in my financial stability journey!

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