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650 Poydras St.
Suite 1400
New Orleans, LA 70130
United States
(844) 967-3724

Honore Ceedit Consultants are literally the bomb. It's not often that you have the owner reaching out to you and assisting you with any questions you have. HC Consultants are very interactive and informative which helps their customers out. I love when Ms. Melika gets on IG live to discuss topics. M... See More


They were the first company of 2 that I tried previously before finding Honore that actually did what they said. I was approved for a Visa with a 10,500 limit!!!!


My consultant is Alecia ! And she is the best. Besides our scheduled update calls, I am able to contact her at any time. She has provided wonderful advice for me on the journey of repairing my credit. And of course I have seen a complete difference in my score and hard inquires have been removed !


My husband and I started with Honore Credit Union and love that we are able to talk to the staff at anytime through phone, email or the portal we use. I also love the fact that we are able to see how our process is doing . The Staff is all so friendly and very caring.


Let me just say that Honore Consultants are whipping my credit in to shape and sooner than I thought possible! I’m not even 2 months in and things that I thought I just had to pay have been deleted and I can proudly say that my credit score is in the 700s now!! If you’ve been leery of the credit... See More


I love Honore Consultants because they offer excellent customer service, friendly staff, and keep in contact with there clients


Honore Consultants got a great recommendation by Teneka

Teneka C gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

I just want to shoutout Alecia Evans she is so sweet and helpful . I started with you guys in August & my credit score went from the 400s to 600s and it’s still going up ! I thought it would take me forever to see results but it looks like I’ll be in the 700s before my birthday in February 💜 ... See More


They are like family having your back and making sure you stay on track.


I love this company, yes “Honore Consultants”,such a friendly and helpful staff. I was not sure if I wanted to try this, but every time I listen in on Instagram, Ms. Honore gives so much great advice and is so knowledgeable about credit solutions, and now I am so happy that I took the chance in ... See More


They do great work and always on top of it. Thanks for all you do!


Very Knowledgeable on hands always available and very professional , within a matter of (Months) my credit score as well my lifestyle changed for the better Thanks to “Honore Credit Consultants”....

Bianca HardHead Doucette recommends Honore Consultants on Facebook

After only one month with these ladies I am super excited about my progress and can’t wait to see what’s next. I’ve made the right decision on choosing Honore Consultants in helping me with my future goals. I truly recommend you try them out, you won’t be disappointed!


William enjoyed the experience with Honore Consultants

William T gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

Thank you so much for helping me prepare a better future for myself !!!!


Allision is very professional and thorough with her work. I’m excited to be on board and I can’t wait until I start seeing results!


I love Honore consultants because I always get information in detail. They cover a wide scope of financial goals. They are the true meaning of consulting. What every you need they always deliver and never leave you behind. They are very knownable and results are always in abundance.


Jonisha enjoyed the experience with Honore Consultants

Jonisha C gave Honore Consultants a 5 star Rating

They are a great group of people: they are very personable and talk with you like they have known you for years. Super friendly! They are very knowledgeable about the work they are doing, make you feel comfortable to talk about mistakes you have made in the past and assist you in repairing them. 4... See More


The information provided within the month of me being with Honore has been life changing and a huge boost to my finiancial confidence. I’m thankful for the opportunity and hope everyone and anyone who hears this joins the team and get started on financial freedom.

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