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I'm a fairly recent client of Home Value Leads having started only about 1.5 months ago. In that period I ran a series of Facebook ads linked to my landing page. I took off the last two weeks of December, so my results are for about a month of running the ads. In that short time I have already received 49 leads (and climbing!). About half are partial leads so I'm looking forward to collaborating with the folks at HVL about improving the completion rate, but I am very pleased with the results. After having tried other solutions and gotten basically zero results, this is huge. I love that HVL allows you to customize the images for the landing pages, and to include minimal branding on the page. To me this helps to create trust because there is greater continuity between the ad and the landing page, and people know they have landed on MY home value site and not just some generic tool. Overall I believe HVL offers tremendous value for the money and the results speak for themselves. Now I just have to work on converting all these leads!

-- Brad C

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