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So far so good. I have been using HVL for a little more than a month and it is generating responses. The vast majority return with home numbers (landlines) which are either defunct or might as well be as they're not likely to be checked at all or often. But I'll just need to get creative with marketing to these people. While it's early, it does appear HVL provides excellent value (for lack of a better word) with their service.

Michael Polinski gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review

I have run the same ad on Facebook without having HVL, i had people see the ad but it never provided any leads. Since using HVL the landing page is simple to use, easy on the eyes and it works! I picked up over 30 leads in just two ads. HVL has built in drip campaigns already set up when you create your account so you're ready to go immediately. The other great thing HVL has is that it tracks leads even if they dont fill out all the info. HVL has been a great addition for my business. -- Candice L

candice woods gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review

Awesome Lead Generation company. I've tried several and have finally found one I am totally happy with. Added to this, their customer support is incredible. Very happy!

Nykolas Minke gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review

HVL was easy to set up and use. When I incorporated HVL with Facebook, I was able to generate leads immediately. Their interface is user friendly and the customer service is great. I recommend HVL.

Jonathan Fischer gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review

The main reasons why I like Home Value Leads over similar products are the accurate, instant home value reports, the ease of use and the ready made Facebook campaigns. The INSTANT home value report is critical to attract more submissions on the landing page. I like the simple layout of the report and the ability to select individual home sales to adjust the estimated value. The Facebook ads that come with the service are working extremely well and generate lots of low cost leads. You can literally launch them in a minute with a simple click of the mouse. I've been running Facebook ads before, but none performed as well as the ones that come with Home Value Leads. This is definitely the most cost effective tool I've used for capturing listing leads.

Kurt Novak gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review
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