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All in all, if it's accurate as its supposed to be, then that's a plus, but the thing is, the majority of people do not leave contact info. They are just curious. So, you have to go to your local tax rolls, to get a name, then mail something...if you want to chase it. Maybe after a couple of hundred... See More


Home Value Leads has been great for my business. I have gotten a good amount of leads which I am working to convert. Thanks to Home Value Leads I can be in front of potential sellers more times than I did before. I highly recommend them!... See More


I've had much better than expected results with Home Value Leads. I thought I was just signing up for a service that I would have to figure out how to use but it's way more than that. Not only is the concept a great idea, but the service has been even better. I've applied their suggestions and rec... See More


I have advanced my pipeline tremendously Home Value Leads is worth its weight in Gold.... See More


Much more effective and cost efficient than paying for leads! I use my own site and promote it as an "Instant Home Value Report". The customer sees value in this and it works. They feel comfortable using it, the lady that pops up and guides them on what they need to do. I've had a lot of success usi... See More


I'm a fairly recent client of Home Value Leads having started only about 1.5 months ago. In that period I ran a series of Facebook ads linked to my landing page. I took off the last two weeks of December, so my results are for about a month of running the ads. In that short time I have already recei... See More


Love this service!!! I am so excited!!! This is a great lead generation tool😀... See More


This is a very cool service. What sets HVL apart from most is the low barrier to entry. They help you set up your Facebook and adword ads. Erick is super helpful and there is a lot of potential here to add sellers to your CRM. Like anything it takes work. Any partial leads I use thatsthem.com to get... See More


It is a fantastic system of seller lead generation. In fact, the best I'm aware of. I will continue using as I have experienced great success...... See More


After hitting a road block with my own ad I tried Home Value Leads and have been blown away... With leads lol.
First off they are very helpful and respond quickly. The instructions were easy to follow and when followed the leads come.
I would say 3 out of 10 give all info... The rest are either ... See More


Several incomplete leads & some complete. All complete leads were either just sold or curious owners. So far none of them is serious. Will keep on posting my ads till I find a serious seller ... See More

Excellent customer service! This company goes over and above.

Becky Smith gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review

I was early to the Home Value Leads (HVL) buffet, as I am a self-diagnosed "early adopter" when it comes to technology and real estate. HVL has been, and currently remains, my second most productive source of listings. Don't get me wrong, they don't just call and ask to sign up. But, if you follow HVL's directions, use their Facebook group and FOLLOW UP with every lead, results are inevitable. Again, the listings are NOT instant. So, if you are one of those, "I tried it for 2-4 weekers", this system is NOT for you. HVL is for Listors who understand the difference between a lead and a listing prospect. The fortune, and there is a fortune, is in the FOLLOW UP. Aside from being an amazing source of listings leads (and listings), HVL also listens to their active clients and responds to their needs. Personally, I love the fact that they are constantly improving their platform and always looking to make it better. Slainte!

Jim Flanagan gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review

We LOVE Home Value Leads. So far we have taken two listings through this system and we just signed up a second domain to start hitting another territory. We would recommend this to our fellow Realtors BUT it works too well!

Adam Nelson gave Home Value Leads a 5 star review
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