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We started using Home Centers of America after we moved to Little Colorado from Tennessee. My wife is a clean freak but has a high stress busy medical career and as a 100% disabled Iraq War Veteran, I am limited in how much I can contribute to the perfection that is needed to reduce my wife’s stress and guilt over not being able to clean her own house. And my guilt over not being able to do my share around the house. For years we lived with mediocre cleaning services. We would search or be recommended a service and we would interview them and explain everything we wanted and didn’t want and what items were the most important to us. We spoke to every company with a national name to a small company to a neighborhood person with years of experience. We told them up front exactly what we expected and asked them if they could do it and asked how much it would cost? We explained that we know that every client is different and has different expectations. We don’t want a standard service, we know what we want and are willing to pay extra to get it, but with billing comes expectations of service delivery. And to a one, they all said they understood exactly what we wanted and they could deliver on their pledge. We were always told by every one that to error is human and they wanted us to speak up if we noticed a issue or if they missed something.

Everything always started out great and exactly what we asked for. We would be thrilled for the first several service dates, then things would be missed, so we would can and identify the issues. They would apologize and offer to immediately come back and address it. We would say no thank you, just make sure to address it in their next service in two weeks. Then something else would get missed. And the response repeated. It might be the very next service or a month later, but something would be missed and so we would do as asked and call in to identify the problem. By the third time, we would be told that we are just complainers and no one could make us happy no matter how hard they worked to do so and they told that they would not be back again.

So the search would start again and the entire story repeated. At least until we moved to Colorado and found Home Cleaning Centers of America. They have been a blessing to my family. My wife has developed major health issues that are life threatening. The last thing we need is more stress or to deal with careless cleaning crews.

I would love to say they they are superhuman or developed some proprietary cleaning technic that makes they so much better that the dozen plus prior services we hired, but I can’t. All I can tell you is what I told the owner. That’s right, you can actually talk with the owner. They will actually come to your home and are involved owners. They care about their employees and your hone and happiness. And I told them, in my 56 years of life which was often spend on the road away from home, everything started and ends with the service. Service with a smile, friendly service and is dependable. We don’t want to have to think about cleaning our home. The best service they can provide is to make me forget about it. And they have done that. I know things will happen, but they fix it and it doesn’t happen again. And they don’t quite at the first sound of a issue. They deal with it as an opportunity to improve their service not as a personal attack. If our needs change, we call them and they have always accommodated our needs And when we needed them. They have made our nightmare forgettable! And that’s GREAT! That’s exactly what we wanted when we hired them. They make your dirty cluttered home, go away and you don’t ever need to worry or think about it again.

It’s been almost three years with them in our home every two weeks. We have children and two cats. And the best feeling comes when a visitor is sitting in our hone and says, oh I didn’t realize you had cats or children. “ Your home always appear so perfect and in its place.”

So I close with our fullest recommendation and the best compliment I can give them. Thank you for allowing us to live our busy lives and not ever having a thought or stress of a dirty cluttered home! You have been a blessing!

-- Tim B

Home Cleaning Centers Of America Replied

Oh Tim, you truly touched our hearts with your kind words and review of our service. You are correct, you told me the first day "I want what I want, and I am willing to pay for it". I assured you, I heard you. You have been awesome to work with!! I will pass your kind words on to Graciela and her team. It has been a real pleasure working with you and your wife for your service needs. As you leave us for your new home out of state, as much as we hate to lose you as a client, please know we are so happy for you both as you create your new home together in your new location. Being together and both of your health, are the top priorities. Thank you so much, you have also been a blessing to work with, we will miss you!

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